New this Week, 8/16/11

Nexx is a modular filter that grows with your needs: you have the ability to add extensions to the filter in order to increase filtration capabilities. The Nexx filter produces crystal clear water with no bypass using Bio-Chem Zorb cartridges. You can change out the media in 4 minutes or less without the mess. No priming, either. The API Nexx Canister Filter is suitable for aquariums up to 55 gallons. When combined with the API Nexx Filter Extension, the Nexx Canister can filter aquariums up to 110 gallons (more if you add another extension). Regularly $99.99, we’ve got the Nexx filter available at the special introductory price of $89.99 for one month only. The extension is also $10 off for the first month, so act now!
If you’re have trouble controlling Phosphate in your aquarium and/or are battling cyanobacteria, this combo pack is for you. Red Cyano Rx will quickly and effectively treat red slime in your aquarium without harming any of its inhabitants when used as directed. Phosphate Rx is an amazingly simple and effective product that has revolutionized the way phosphates are removed from saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Regular use of Phosphate Rx increases vitality, color and growth of your aquarium’s inhabitants. Although we sell these items separately, if you buy the combo pack you’ll save yourself a few bucks. Get both solutions today for only $39.99.
This twin pack is sure to satisfy hungry fish and coral. PE Mysis are harvested from pristine lakes which are fed by mountain glaciers. PE Mysis are extremely rich in Omega 3 & 6 HUFA, amino acids, powerful antioxidants and are naturally gut-loaded with an abundance of phytoplankton. Cyclop-eeze are a selectively bred biologically engineered micro-crustacean cultured from a shallow, pristine, arctic salt lake. Cyclop-eeze are characterized by their intense blood-orange coloration and contain extremely high concentrations of the critical biological pigment Astaxanthene. They are an excellent food choice for larval fish, live coral and other filter feeding aquarium inhabitants. Score the twin pack for only $29.99.
Smartwave is the new controller for movement and circulation pumps designed by Hydor. In nature, river and sea currents are a vital part of the natural life cycle of aquatic creatures as they promote oxygenation, transport nutrients and food and remove residues that would otherwise pollute. Smartwave helps recreate these currents which allow a healthy aquarium and uniform water temperature by selecting one of the 2 available programs. Alternate: pump 1 ON – pump 2 OFF, pump 1 OFF – pump 2 ON and Synchronous: pump 1 and 2 go ON and OFF together. Smartwave works with most movement pumps available on the market compatible with quick ON-OFF. The Smartwave is easy to conceal by hanging it inside your aquarium cabinet/stand. Includes feeding mode.  Control your Koralias today for only $69.99.
Innovative Marine’s NuvoAquarium series is comprised of 5 all-in-one rimless glass aquariums. There is a 4-gallon Pico, an 8-gallon Nano, a larger 16-gallon Nano, a 30-gallon Micro and a 38-gallon Mini. Their sleek, understated styling compliments any decor. The Nuvo’s components rival those of larger aquarium systems yet offer simple turnkey maintenance. Beautiful bent glass allows for dramatic viewing of livestock. All of the tanks include a SkkyeLight LED light fixture (or two) to grow aquatic plants and marine corals. NuvoAquariums are available in either black or white. The least expensive option, the 4-gallon Pico, retails for $150 and includes the tank, lid, LED light, built-in filtration and more.
Algae Control is a high-definition (NO3 – 0.25ppm, PO4 0.02ppm) analytical comparator test kit (NO3 & PO4 -100 tests each) that includes professional colorimetric comparator. NO3:PO4-X contains a unique complex of carbons that are used by nutrient-reducing bacteria. Each carbon is utilized by different strains of microorganisms while maintaining the specific Carbon: Nitrogen: Phosphorus ratio required for each stage. The complex includes other organic bonded elements that are important stimulators in each stage of the reduction process. These metal and non-metals elements ensure steady bacterial propagation and complete nitrate reduction to nitrogen gas and the absorption and utilization of phosphate by the bacteria. The fine control of the nitrate and phosphate levels provided by monitored dosing of NO3:PO4-X guarantees the gradual changes and accurate maintenance of the nutrient levels, preventing destruction of the zooxanthellae population that can cause UV shock and starvation of the corals. Buy both for only $56.48.
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