Product Preview: Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Module

Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Module with 12 LEDs, RGB Remote, RGB Control Box, and Power Supply

I recently got to test the new Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Module on my aquarium. Right off the bat, the module is very well constructed. It is epoxy encapsulated making the LED module water resistant. It can be easily screwed in or mounted into canopies or aquarium hoods within minutes. The unit is very plug-n-play which allowed me to setup and test the light within seconds.

One LED module provided good coverage on a 36″ x 24″ x 20″ aquarium as it is very bright. With my six lamp ATI T5HO fixture turned on, the colors from the LED module were very subtle and washed out by the bright T5 lighting. Depending on the placement of the module and setting, certain areas in the aquarium were highlighted where the T5 lighting couldn’t reach adding some depth and special effects.
Once I turned off my T5HO fixture, the intensity of the different colors just popped in the tank. It was difficult for my camera to capture the true colors that the LED module produced, but it looks so much better in person.

The included remote can toggle through 16 different colors, and the intensity can be dimmed or brightened.  There are four different settings of Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth other than the fixed on mode. Flash and Strobe settings scared my fish too much so I only briefly used those settings. Fade and Smooth slowly transitioned through different colors which added a nice ambience and uniqueness to the aquarium.
According to Ecoxotic, the LED module will provide adequate lighting for coral growth in shallow aquariums less than 18 inches deep, while enhancing coloration of corals and fish in a variety of tank sizes. I have to admit I was impressed with the unit. The RGB LED Module did make the fluorescence in my livestock glow, and made the overall viewing experience of my aquarium that much more enjoyable.

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Click on “Read more” for photos, color samples, and a short video clip of the Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Module!

Epoxy encapsulated makes this LED module water-resistant.
Built-in heatsink with easy mounting screw holes
Approximately 12 inches long
Less than 2 inches wide
Everything connects and disconnects easily for a quick setup
Infrared receiver and remote for convenience
Red, Green, Blue remote for 16 different colors including White.  Additional buttons to Dim, Flash, Strobe, Fade, or Smooth the colors.
RGB Control Box with the IR Receiver
Power supply with a 3 prong plug.
Here are the color samples on my aquarium and I also included a short video clip. My camera kept re-focusing during the transitions so my apologies in advance! 
All my fish were too spooked by the LED lights, but not the “MD” butterflyfish! 
The Ecoxotic RGB Panorama LED Modules will soon be available on! Be sure to check back for availability.