Majano Wand Aiptasia & Majano Anemone Eliminator Product Demo

Aiptasia and majano anemones are common pests that hitchhike on live rock or coral into saltwater aquariums. The Majano Wand is a cool new tool hobbyists can use to rid their tanks of these pesky anemones once and for all.

Push the button as you stick the needle in and out and on and over the anemone. The Majano Wand does not kill by electrocution and there is no electricity going into the water. When the probe of the Majano Wand touches anemone tissue, it causes the water in the cells to turn into hydrogen and will literally disintegrate any living tissue instantly.

If natural and chemical solutions aren’t working for your pest anemone problem, why not give the Majano Wand a try? It really works—and it’s pretty fun to use.

Please note that for aquarium hobbyists outside the United States, the Majano Wand can handle up to 240v—all you’ll need is a simple plug converter!

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