Marineland Reef Capable LED Light Fixture w/ Integrated Light Timer

The Marineland Reef Capable LED Light System w/ Integrated Light Timer provides the right intensity and spectral output to care for many types of reef aquarium inhabitants.

The high quality 1-watt LEDs produce a natural-looking light with metal halide-like shimmer effects, adding depth and dimension to your aquarium. You can run the white LEDs for daylight and the blue LEDs for lunar light or both at the same time if you’d like to highlight the colorful corals in your tank.

The fixture itself is smaller and sleeker than most LED fixtures currently on the market, which make it an attractive choice if you’re looking for a light that doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself and instead puts the focus on your underwater habitat.

In the video embedded above, we’re demonstrating how to set the integrated light timer on the fixture. The convenient and customizable timer controls precisely when the 460nm blue and 10,000K white LEDs turn on and off. You can design your own timed sequence to give your tank the right light at the right time.

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Marineland added new dispersion lenses over the blue LEDs to provide a better mix of light in your tank. The energy-efficient LEDs don’t require regular bulb replacement, like fluorescent and metal halide light fixtures, which will save you a bundle year after year. Marineland estimates the LEDs will last 50,000 hours.

Easily adjustable support legs allow you to adjust the light to fit over a variety of aquarium lengths, so you’ll be able transfer the light to a larger tank should you decide to upgrade down the road.

This light is brand-new, so we don’t have it available on our website just yet… but it may be in stock as early as this week!

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