Aquarium Club Meeting & Demo Day (Open to Public) is hosting the November Meeting for the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society (SCMAS) this Friday the 16th at MD Headquarters in Garden Grove, CA. SCMAS is a thriving marine aquarium club based here in Orange County and the masterminds behind the world’s largest aquarium show, Reef-A-Palooza.

Since SCMAS meetings are open to non-members, we thought we’d invite our Facebook fans to the meeting! Aquarium clubs are a great way to connect with a fun group of people who share your passion for saltwater tanks.

We’ve invited some of our favorite vendors to the event as well. AquaticLife, JBJ, Continuum Aquatics, Mars Fishcare and Aqua Vision Aquatics are confirmed and will bring along aquarium supplies to show off and talk about.

Members of our tech team, the Reef Squad, will also demo the latest LED technology so you can try before you buy. Get a closer look at the EcoTech Radion XR30w, Maxspect Razor R420R, Kessil Special Blends (A150W/A350) and, of course, AquaticLife’s new Expert Series LED. We’re also showing off CPR’s new Tumblers, Eshopps’ Nano Protein Skimmer and an EcoTech Marine MP10 Vortech Propeller Pump w/ EcoSMART Driver.

Reef Raft USA and Coral Collection have both confirmed they’ll be attending and selling coral frags to our guests!

We’re also filling an aquarium with aiptasia-covered live rock for you guys to zap with the Majano Wand! The perfect stress reliever after a long work week!

We’re going to have beverages and snacks to keep you energized for the evening’s festivities.

SCMAS, a 501(c) non-profit organization, will be selling raffle tickets to attendees for opportunities to win some very cool stuff (proceeds going to the club). JBJ has agreed to raffle off everything they’re bringing to the meeting! Mars Fishcare is bringing along some samples for the raffle as well. Korallin aquarium supplements, a Korallin BioDenitrator, 2 x Orphek dimmable LED pendants, a Panasonic Blu-Ray Player plus some swag will also be raffled off.

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Entry to the event is FREE—we look forward to seeing you!
14271 Corporate Drive
Garden Grove, CA 92843