Demos New Products at Aquarium Club Meeting hosted the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society’s November meeting recently at their company headquarters. More than 100 Southern California aquarium hobbyists attended the event to test drive the latest aquarium technology, buy corals and listen to presentations from top aquarium supply manufacturers.

SCMAS is a 501(c) non-profit marine aquarium club based in Orange County, CA. The club meets monthly so members can share aquarium keeping knowledge. Meetings include special guest speakers, fundraising raffles and the planning of events like Reef-A-Palooza, the world’s largest aquarium show. Meetings are usually conducted the third Friday of each month at a Santa Ana IHOP location.

“This is the biggest turnout we’ve had at a meeting in the past couple of years,” SCMAS President Gregory Carroll said. “ was an excellent host. Our members appreciated the insightful presentations, tasty food and generous raffle prizes.”

Since SCMAS meetings are open to non-members, invited their Facebook fans to the meeting to boost attendance and connect hobbyists with other locals who share their passion for saltwater aquariums.

“For an evening event that was only promoted for one week on social media, I have to say we were delighted with the turnout,” said David King, Chief Operating Officer for “As an online-only retailer, being able to engage with your customers face-to-face is very special. It was a terrific experience for our staff, vendors and guests.”

Aquarium supply and supplement manufacturers including AquaticLife, Red Sea, JBJ, Continuum Aquatics, Mars Fishcare, Aqua Vision Aquatics and Ecoxotic also participated in’s first-ever “Demo Day.” Brand representatives gave presentations, demoed products and donated merchandise for the raffle.

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“I had a great time at the meeting,” said David Troop, Co-Owner of AquaticLife. “It was nice to get together with aquarium hobbyists of all experience levels. I appreciated the opportunity to demo our new 3-watt LED fixture.”’s technical support team, the Reef Squad, was also on hand to show guests the latest aquarium lighting innovations, such as the Maxspect Razor R420R and Kessil Special Blend Pendants. A highlight among the evening’s many festivities was the Majano Wand, a device attendees used to “zap” aiptasia anemones, an invasive animal considered to be a major pest in the reef aquarium hobby.

“The feedback we received about the event has been overwhelmingly positive,” shared SCMAS member and Director of Operations, Ben Ros. “Education is super important when caring for delicate aquatic animals. Our staff and vendor partners welcomed the opportunity to share our knowledge. We look forward to opening our doors again soon.”

If you are interested in joining SCMAS, visit If you are interested in joining an aquarium club but do not reside in Southern California, check out’s Aquarium Club Directory to find your local chapter.