Aquarium Maintenance Software for Saltwater and Freshwater Tanks

A new resource is now available to help aid in routine fish tank maintenance’s such as checking water parameters, monitoring livestock behavior and growth, and keeping track of your aquariums monthly and fixed expenses. This new resource is a free online program called Reefware.

What is Reefware? 
Reefware is currently a free online tool that allows hobbyists to accomplish many tasks with their aquariums. 

Aquarium Controllers
With Reefware you are able to monitor your aquarium with some of today’s top aquarium controllers. Reefware is compatible with the Digital Aquatics, Neptune Systems, and Reef Angel Controller product lines.

Reefware allows you to set SMS (text messages) and email notifications. Users are able to set notifications for upcoming scheduled tasks, when filter media needs replaced, and when tank parameters go above or below a certain value.

Track Your Livestock as it Grows 
Create profiles for each of your fish, corals, and inverts. Keep track of how they behave, what they eat, and who they are compatible with. Being observant and having a successful tracking program can help your fish have a long and healthy life.

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Keep Up-To-Date on Maintenance 
Reefware provides a user friendly interface to display your water evaporation, media replacement, and maintenance schedule so your tank can stay healthy and beautiful.

Share Your Tank 
You can even share your tanks current status using the Reefware Share Interface. Connect with fellow hobbyist and friends on popular forums and social media.

Responsive Design 
While Reefware is currently only web-based, the company has adapted the website to work on many of the mobile devices we use today. This includes both smartphones and tablets. This feature is useful for when the hobbyist is doing maintenance tasks and can simply pull out a smartphone or tablet to track his or her progress.

It’s Free 
Reefware is free to sign up and use.

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