AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO: Activated Carbon on Steroids

I would like to revisit a great little product that I use regularly called AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO. I like to think of this product asactivated carbon on steroids.

Filter bag and zip tie included
The recipe starts with a high-end activated carbon then additional resins are added to help remove phosphates, silicates, nitrates and other organics. 
The various resins mixed in with activated carbon
It is not a magical product that will eliminate water changes and make your corals double in size overnight. However, it does offer several benefits:

  1. It helps to keep your water crystal clear, which improves light penetration so your corals get more light. Plus, you get to look at and enjoy a cleaner tank!
  2. It helps lower your nutrient levels which in turn reduces nuisance algae growth.
  3. It absorbs chemicals released by corals which helps reduce the chemical warefare between corals.

Just pour the media into the bag & tie it up
UltraMaxx AIO is working great in my 34-gallon Solana aquarium, keeping the water clean and clear. This tank is currently skimmer-less, so the additional phosphate, nitrate and organic absorption resins are very helpful in keep nuisance algae at bay. 

Give it a quick rinse to get rid of carbon dust

On larger aquariums or systems with a heavy bio-load, it would be more effective to use activated carbon and GFO in separate media reactors in conjunction with a protein skimmer. For smaller aquariums with a low to medium bioloads, the AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO is a great option!

Into the tank it goes then I’m set for another 2-3 months!
Here you can see my clownfish hosting experiment as well.
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