Hamilton Aruba Sun T5/LED Lights: A Quick & Easy Way to Upgrade to Higher Output Reef Tank Lighting

T5 lighting is a proven way to illuminate a reef aquarium. You get great coral growth, minimal heat transfer and none of the shadowing problems of LEDs. Plus, the up front cost for T5 lights is very economical.

Hamilton Aruba Sun T5/LED lighting systems are an affordable way to upgrade for many reefkeepers. These systems are easy to use and come to you fully wired with no assembly required. Just insert the bulbs into their sockets, clip on the reflectors and plug in!

Each Aruba Sun includes two Hamilton T5 High Output lamps: Actinic Royal Blue 460nm and 10,000K Super Daylight White. Also included are Moonlight Blue LED lights. The lunar LEDs create an attractive nighttime effect for nocturnal viewing of your aquarium inhabitants.

Five bend, mirror finish reflectors made with 95% German anodized aluminum wrap-around the T5 lights to boost light output. These reflectors can also be rotated to position the light best into your aquarium. Moisture-proof T5 end caps protect the lamps from splashing water and a built-in electronic ballast is used to save space and reduce electricity costs. Each system has two 10′ power cords that can plug directly into your wall outlets. One power cord operates the two T5 lamps for daytime lighting and the other operates the LED lights for nighttime.

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There are two versions of the Aruba Sun designed to meet your needs. First is the Aruba Sun Low Profile. This version mounts the T5 sockets on the side and measures only 3” tall by 7” wide. It works best for hobbyists with height constraints since the low-profile design fits most canopies.

Second is the Aruba Sun V Series. The V Series is more narrow in width, measuring 5” wide x 5” tall. Hamilton’s V Series is ideal for hobbyists with width constraints or aquarists interested in adding T5 lights to an existing lighting system. They also work great for aquarium owners who want to mount several units together.

Hamilton Aruba Sun lighting kits start at a mere $129.99 and are a quick and an easy way to upgrade to higher output reef tank lighting.

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Dave Esposito has been working with Hamilton Technology for over 15 years. He loves the ocean and is a reef aquarium hobbyist. He has an interest mainly in T5 HO and Metal Halide lighting. He had used LEDs but switched back two years ago. Currently he is maintaining a 80 gallon mixed reef aquarium.

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