Nano Tank Build: NUVO Concept Abyss Peninsula Drop Off Aquarium

As reef hobbyists, we have long been trying to find creative ways to replicate what Mother Nature has done so well. Innovative Marine has just released 3 very unique aquariums that allow hobbyists to take their imaginations even further and create an aquarium that is truly stunning.

The Nuvo Concept line includes the Abyss Drop-Off Peninsula, Abyss Drop-Off Panorama and the Cylindar Atoll aquarium. In this video, we are going to go through a complete set-up of the Peninsula Drop-Off tank at our headquarters here in Sunny Southern California.

The Drop-Off Peninsula aquarium has total water volume of 20 gallons and is quite gorgeous even when empty. The thick, ultra-clear, 8mm acrylic along with the black filter chamber and the pearl-white pedestal really show the high quality of construction.

The Innovative Marine Desktop Ghost Protein Skimmer helps keep the sleep look to the aquarium. This protein skimmer hides nicely in the back filtration chamber.  This skimmers work great for small tanks and will keep organic waste levels low.

The filtration can be enhanced by replacing the stock filter sock with the CustomCaddy20. Running filter floss for mechanical filtration and AquaMaxx All-In-One Media for chemical filtration. The All-In-One media is really cool because it several types of media including activated carbon, a phosphate-removal resin and an organic-removal resin.  This will not only keep our water crystal clear but also help reduce organic waste and prevent the growth of nuisance algae.

A 100W Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater is being used to keep water temperatures stable and a tiny Hydor Koralia Nano will be used to provide additional water circulation and can be easily hidden within the rock work.

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Last but not least, a MaxSpect Celestial will provide lighting for the fish and corals. With its built-in controller, versatile mounting arm, and great price the Celestial is a great fit for this tank.

Now that the equipment is out of the way, we are ready to add some CaribSea sand and rock to the aquarium.  The dual-tier design allows you to simulate a natural reef drop-off zone. This tank is definitely quite a departure from the traditional aquarium but it looks great from all angles and allows you to get really creative with the aquascape.

Because these concept tanks are small, fish that do not grow large and do not require a ton of swimming space are ideal choices. We have decided on a couple of chalk basses, a yasha hashi goby with a pistol shrimp and a pygmy hawk fish.  Our clean-up crew consists of a few Nassarius and Astrea snails.

Working in an office full of reef nerds made filling the aquarium with corals a piece of cake. We are always growing and trading corals amongst each other here in the office and our generous staff provided all of the coral you see in this tank.

With a little effort, and a lot of fun, we were able to create something very unique with the Abyss Drop-Off tank. Now we can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

In addition to the Drop-off Peninsula, the Drop-Off Panorama and Atoll tanks are also great options.  We can see doing a similar Aqua scape in the Panorama tank because the shape of the tank is the same as the Peninsula but the filtration compartment is shifted over to the long side of the tank.  The cylinder Atoll is perfect for a center island aquascape and makes for an amazing top-down view.

– Take Care and Happy Reefkeeping.

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