AquaIllumination Prime HD LED Light – Better Color, Faster Growth, Greater Value

It has been a little over a year since we reviewed the AquaIllumination Prime and it has since become one of our bestselling lights.

Hobbyists really love the small and sleek form factor, the easy yet extensive programming options through myAI and, of course, it’s affordable price.

Not resting on their laurels, Aqua Illumination made this popular light even better with the new and improved AI Prime HD LED light!

AquaIllumination has taken the same upgrades made to the Hydra 26 and 52 fixtures and applied them to the Prime. The result is a new fixture that is more powerful and offers a better spectrum.

By upping the power from 50W to 55W, the Prime is now brighter than ever before. However, the even cooler part is that the Prime HD now features the same HD feature found on the Hydras.

No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power for each channel. Now you can shift the power from the unused channels to boost the power to the channels you to be brighter.

Most hobbyists tend to have their blue channels at near 100% and their white/red/green channels at a lower output. Now, you are able to take that unused power and use it to boost the output of the blue channels past 100% to get the most out of the light.

With these upgrades, the previous maximum coverage 20” by 20” has been increase to 24” by 24”.

Additionally, the LED diodes have been updated to the lasted and most efficient diodes from CREE SimiLED and Osram. The mix of LED diodes have also been updated to provide a wider spectrum for your corals.

Mounting the Prime HD is quite simple as well. You can select from a hanging kit, a rigid tank mount or the new gooseneck mount.

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With the continual improvement in power, spectrum and control, AquaIllumination has made the great Prime LED fixture even better. Your corals will get better color, better growth and you will get more bang for your buck!

–  Take Care and Happy Reefkeeping.