Marine Depot RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit: What YOU Need to Know

RO/DI Filter Kit

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Our RO/DI replacement filter kit includes standard-sized sediment, carbon, and DI filter cartridges that fit most RO/DI systems such as MarineDepot Kleanwater, SpectraPure, AquaFX, SeaChem,
Kent Marine and many more. In most situations, RO/DI cartridges need to be changed out every 6 months or so to ensure the water produced does not have impurities that may harm aquarium inhabitants.
The dual density sediment filter provides consistent performance while the ½ micron carbon block filter will help extend the life of your TFC membrane.  The Mixed Bed DI filter used non-recycled nuclear-grade resin that maximizes performance and last longer.
Replace your cartridges with the affordable Marine Depot RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit to ensure the highest quality of water produced by your RO/Di System.

-Take Care and Happy Reefkeeping!

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