AquaMaxx Coral-Eye Flashlight: What YOU Need to Know

The AquaMaxx Coral Eye is a super handy tool for reef hobbyists. It is an actinic blue-colored flashlight that houses a powerful 5 Watt CREE LED diode.  These little lights are perfect for viewing corals at frag swaps, stores and at home.


This flashlight allows you to inspect both the health and fluorescence of your coral.  It makes it much easier to identify tissue recession, pests or other potential issues on new corals.  It will also give you a good idea of how a particular coral will look under actinic lighting in your aquarium.  The Coral Eye has an adjustable focus and 3 different operating modes (high, low and flash). It even has thermo-protection circuitry built in to ensure that it does not overheat. A wrist strap and a belt clip allows you to conveniently carry the flashlight wherever you go.

– Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!

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