Neptune Systems Headquarters: A Behind-the-Scenes Look




Neptune Systems has been creating some of the most advanced and desirable aquarium products hobbyists like us love for years. Many of the world’s most beautiful aquariums rely greatly on the Apex and many of the useful gadgets and tools Neptune Systems offers.

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Neptune Systems’ headquarters and got an exciting behind-the-scenes look at their operations.  Located in Morgan Hill, Neptune Systems is able to draw from the high-tech talent and resources in nearby Silicon Valley plus offer employees a great place to live and raise a family. These advantages have allowed Neptune Systems to become tech leaders in the aquarium space.

The original AquaController, developed by Founder and President Curt Pansegrau, was created 20 years ago and put Neptune Systems on the map. Two decades later, Neptune Systems continues to produce some of the industry’s most state-of-the-art and easy-to-use aquarium products. Their new Apex monitor and control system, which includes hotly-anticipated features like built-in Wi-Fi, easy Configuration Wizards, and a completely redesigned Energy Bar, was released last summer to much fanfare.



Touring their facility, it was great to see and experience first-hand how their products are developed, built, and supported right here in the USA.  Much like Marine Depot’s philosophy, Neptune Systems also believes that education and support are the most vital factors to success in the aquarium hobby. A full-time support staff helps hobbyists with any issues they may have—even guiding users through the setup of their Apex.




captureTerence Fugazzi, Neptune System’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is a passionate reefkeeper (check out his latest aquarium build) who frequently engages with aquarium hobbyists on social media to answer questions and respond to comments or feedback. He also produces and publishes fun, educational videos regularly on the company’s YouTube channel.

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Neptune Systems manufactures, assembles, and tests most of their products in the USA, which is another reason why the company stands out from the competition. Staff engineers and programmers can quickly add functionality to the Apex, addressing any issues and even improving the product—right on the spot. Their large and meticulously organized warehouse is filled with inventory which helps Neptune Systems to meet the demands of today’s hobbyists.

It’s great to see an aquarium manufacturer succeed by doing things the right way. We look forward to seeing more innovations from Neptune Systems in the future and offering their forward-thinking solutions to our customers.