Accel Aquatics Biopellet Media Reactors: What YOU Need To Know


Biopellets are a very popular option for nitrate reduction in aquariums.  The Accel Aquatics Biopellet Reactor is a new take on the classic fluidized media reactor but is specifically designed for biopellets.


Accel Aquatics BioPellet Reactors


The Accel Aquatics BioPellet Reactor breaks this mold and utilizes a flow accelerator to feed the water through the top of the reactor along with an inverted conical bottom to keep the biopellets circulating.

This is much more effective for tumbling biopellets because it eliminates any chance of water channeling through the media. By keeping the entirety of the media suspended, the reactor also achieves maximum water to media contact for maximum efficiency.


Accel Aquatics BioPellet Reactors


The reactor is available in 4 different sizes to accommodate just about any situation.  Every reactor comes with a flow control valve along with adapters for either  ½” and ¾” tubing.  If you are looking to lower nitrates in your tank with biopellets, the Accell Aquatics BioPellet Reactor is one of your best options.

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