Nutramar Ova Fish Food: What YOU Need to Know


Nutramar OVA is a popular frozen food made with 100% all natural prawn eggs that are packed with nutrition.  With the only other ingredient being water, you know you aren’t feeding your fish anything that is highly processed or unnecessary.  Each egg has a diameter of roughly 1/16th of an inch, so it is great for feeding small to medium sized fish, invertebrates, and a variety of different filter feeders that can consume larger food particles.

What makes Nutramar OVA so desirable is that it is highly palatable to fish and is excellent for finicky eaters such as Mandarin Gobies, Seahorses, and Pipefish.  As soon as you start feeding Nutramar OVA you can really see your fish and corals start to go wild for it.

OVA is frozen and comes in re-sealable flat pack pouches.  When kept sealed and frozen the prawn eggs will retain nutritional value for up to two years so you can feed regularly or offer as an occasional treat.


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Nutramar also offers an economical bulk pack of dry seaweed for your herbivores as well as a dehyd rated OGO.  The dehydrated Ogo is pretty cool because you can now feed Ogo regularly without having to grow it or purchase it alive from your local pet store.  Simply soak the dehydrated Ogo in aquarium water for 15-20 minutes prior to feeding and let your fish enjoy.   Ogo is a wonderful supplement for both herbivorous and omnivorous aquarium fish and is highly nutritious.


If you are looking to add some variety in your fish’s diet or need to fatten up your finicky fish, Nutramar has some excellent options!

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