AquaMaxx Magnus DC Water Pumps by Sunpole: Strong, Quiet and Reliable


A water pump is the heart of your filtration system and this is why it is so important to utilize a quality pump that you can trust to help sustain the life inside your tank.  AquaMaxx has a great new line of DC water pumps manufactured by Sunpole that I really thought deserved a closer look because these new pumps run amazingly quiet, are very efficient and built to withstand the test of time inside a reef tank.  Stick around to check out the new pumps brought to us by AquaMaxx and learn all about the great features these powerhouse pumps have to over.



AquaMaxx teamed up with the Sunpole, to bring these awesome Magnus DC pumps to the US market and they are available in three different models.

The smallest VSG-6000 has the green colored housing and is capable of moving 1580 GPH with a maximum head pressure of 16 feet!   It is extremely efficient with a maximum power consumption of only 50 watts.

The middle, VSR-9000 model has the red wrap around housing and moves a maximum of 2370 GPH. It can push water up to a maximum of 18 vertical feet and maxes out with only 85 watts of power.

The largest of the three, the VSB-12000 has the blue housing and pushes up to 3170 GPH.  It can hit heights up to 21 feet and has a maximum power consumption of 150 watts.


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The Magnus pumps are suitable for both external and submersed applications and will easily adapt to standard threaded fittings or slip PVC. The superior build quality is evident right out of the box, they have rust proof titanium screws, a high-quality ABS plastic housing and feature a ceramic rotor shaft with ceramic bearings.  These high-quality materials combined with meticulous construction means the pump will hold-up to the harsh conditions inside your reef tank.

For me, the most impressive aspects of the pumps are the economical price points and quiet operation.  Among the DC pumps we stock they are among the most affordable in terms of the flow per dollar. They are tuned to work at a frequency outside the range of what humans can hear; even when set to run at the highest flow settings, I was fairly impressed with the minimal noise level.

The intelligent controller has six different speed settings from 10 to 100% total flow that can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons.  This gives you the ability to easily adjust the flow rate to your liking without an extra valve.

It also has a handy feed mode; when you press the button shaped liked a fish, the pump will turn off and then automatically resume normal operation after 10 minutes has passed.  This will prevent fish food from entering your filters during feeding time and ensures you don’t accidentally forget to turn your pump back on afterwards.



The controllers have a cool color coded housing that matches the pump. This is a pretty fancy feature for those of you who like to keep things looking fresh underneath the tank.

We are super excited to have these awesome DC pumps available exclusively at and if any of you are looking for a quiet, reliable and strong water pump, the new AquaMaxx Magnus Pumps by Sunpole are worth a second look.

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