Google Makes It Easy To Explore Seascapes On Your Phone in Wallpapers App for Android

If you are an Android user as I am and love the ocean, Google has you covered. Google Wallpapers has a Seascapes category of images for your phone!

Previously named Underwater and released only for Pixel phones, the renamed wallpaper category is now available through the app to non-Pixel devices also. Now you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean every time you unlock your phone.

Seascapes has 34 new wallpapers depicting a variety of underwater scenes that you will appreciate as a reef hobbyist. Clicking the various wallpapers brings up a fun description with a link to ‘Explore’. Your love for the ocean and reefs can be reflected on your phone!


While I was scrolling through the images, I came across this one which was a bit odd:

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It showed a patch of bleached coral with an area of dead coral covered with algae and in the foreground was a large patch of extreme neon colored corals. This seemed familiar, as if I had seen it before!

The description said New Caledonia and the ‘explore’ link took me to, an initiative of The Ocean Agency, a not-for-profit organization founded by Richard Vevers. If any of this sounds familiar, it is because Richard Vevers was one of the cast members in the Netflix documentary, Chasing Coral! We chatted with Zack Rago from the documentary when it was newly released. If you are concerned about our coral reefs, perhaps the image above could be a talking point when you are with friends or family that aren’t aware of the threat caused by climate change.

Richard is the CEO of the Ocean Agency and for the past 5 years has been working with Google Earth to photograph the oceans. They created Google Underwater Street View which lets you dive in virtually and explore your favorite reefs. After reading abundant reports of dying coral reefs, it was a delight to see lush reefs on Google Underwater Street View.

Check out this link for amazing images from Google.

Google Wallpaper is free to install from the Play Store. With 34 reef images to choose from, I can rotate the image every day of the month. Let us know what you think of the wallpapers.

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