The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

The 7 Best Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

You’ve been good this year. Really good.

We actually peeked at Santa’s “nice” list and saw your name printed in bold lettering across the top.

In short, you deserve a really nice gift. An awesome gift. Dare we say: THE ULTIMATE GIFT!

While shopping for the “the ultimate gift,” one mustn’t concern themselves with trivial little things like a budget. The ultimate gift has to be ambitious. Something you aspire to have. Something you’ll be so proud of that you’ll post more pictures of it on social media than you do your own family.

If money were no object, we think these are the 7 best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season:

Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 Aquarium with AI Lighting

Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 Aquarium with AI Hydra 26 HD Lights

When you’re sitting in front of your tank, do you daydream about the larger aquarium that will one day replace it?

Has your love for aquatic life lead you to keeping several smaller systems that you’d like to consolidate into one big behemoth?

Red Sea’s lineup of rimless aquariums are absolutely drool-worthy and chock-full of elegant and well-thought-out features. The Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 pictured here is a 200 gallon system illuminated by four Wi-Fi controllable Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix light fixtures. We love the white cabinet stand, but you can also get this exact setup with a black stand.

This tank is equipped with all the bells and whistles you might expect—and even some you may not. By making the Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 the centerpiece in your living space, you’ll have so much to look at, you may no longer need a television.

EcoTech Marine Ultimate Reef Bundles

EcoTech Marine Ultimate Reef Bundles

VorTech pumps are widely considered the gold standard for generating flow in reef tanks. Their patented magnetically coupled design means there are no unsightly wires in your aquarium, no unwanted heat added to the water column, and no hassle when it comes to installing, relocating or cleaning.

The VorTech “w” pumps we’ve included in our Ultimate Reef Bundles come with an RF module installed that enables the pumps to communicate and work together in sync, anti-sync or coordinated modes. You can also connect them to a battery backup device to keep your aquarium inhabitants alive during a power outage.

Many hobbyists also consider EcoTech Marine’s Radion lights to be the cream of the crop—the crème de la crème—for LED aquarium lighting. And with ReefLink, you can connect your lights and pumps together for wireless control from anywhere in the world through EcoSmart Live, EcoTech Marine’s powerful cloud-based control platform.

Neptune Systems APEX Bundle – Intermediate

Neptune Systems Apex Controller Bundles

Neptune Systems released a new version of their flagship monitoring and control system, the Apex, in 2016. The new Apex has built-in Wi-Fi, is easier to set up and use, and includes temperature, pH, ORP, and salinity monitoring along with a host of other new features.

Neptune Systems has expanded their arsenal of smart aquarium products in recent years. We recently combined our favorites into four bundle classifications: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite.

The Elite bundle comes complete with the new Apex, Energy Bar 832, a display module (for when your phone or tablet aren’t within reach), a DŌS dosing and fluid metering system, the DŌS Dual Reservoir (DDR) which is essentially a dosing container on steroids, a magnetic probe rack (MPR), an automatic feeding system (AFS), and last but certainly not least, an automatic top-off kit (ATK).

With Apex, you can prevent catastrophes by continuously monitoring key parameters and taking corrective actions when something goes awry. Plus, getting your Apex up and running now will make it that much easier to incorporate the Trident Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium Monitoring System once its released in 2018!

Maxspect Gyre Flow Pump with Advanced Controller

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Maxspect Gyre Flow Pumps

Maxspect revolutionized the way we manage water movement in our aquariums with the release of the Gyre pump a few years ago. Nothing moves the entire column of water in your tank like a Maxspect Gyre does.

Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Gyre is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots in its wake.

Maxspect’s Advanced Controller allows you to control two Gyre pumps from a single power source. You’ll have a variety of flow modes and customizable flow cycles at your fingertips. You can set the pumps to run at different speeds and each pump can have its own flow pattern. Keep your fish guessing with randomized flow!

Similar to VorTech pumps, Gyre pumps can also be connected to a battery backup device to keep the water moving and to protect your tank in the event of power failure.

Deltec Protein Skimmers with Cleaning Head

Deltec Protein Skimmers

Deltec skimmers give new meaning to the expression “beast mode.” These German-engineered waste removers are universally recognized as being among the top in-sump protein skimmers money can buy. We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate saltwater tanks from 80 to 635 gallons.

Deltec has been engineering high-end aquarium gear for 20+ years and was the first company to use needle-wheel impellers in their protein skimmers. Deltec actually helped develop the pumps used in their latest generation of skimmers to achieve just the right amount of air draw for the lowest power consumption possible.

We love the manual and automatic cleaning heads available for Deltec skimmers. The company claims that you can achieve up to 20% more waste removal by using one! The way they work is pretty simple: to keep your skimmer operating efficiently, these head cleaners simply wipe the gunk from the skimmer neck so organics can more easily rise into the collection cup for removal. To operate the manual version, you just turn the dial on top of the skimmer lid. The automatic version is even easier. It has an internal motor that runs every 8 minutes! You can also connect it to an external timer or controller for a custom time schedule.

SpectraPure MaxCap UHE 100 GPD RO/DI System

SpectraPure MaxCap UHE 100 GPD RO/DI System

RO/DI systems are perhaps the best kept secret when it comes to keeping a gorgeous reef tank. They save you time, money, and a ton of effort when maintaining your tank. You can produce pure RO/DI water right in the comfort of your home that can then be used for topping off your tank and mixing saltwater. This means you will no longer need to make frequent trips to your local fish store just for water and say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome water jugs.  You will also ensure that no contaminants are introduced into your system helping to keep nuisance algae at bay.

This Spectrapure Ultra-High-Efficiency reverse osmosis deionization system is worth its weight in gold. It is outfitted with a microprocessor control module that helps you to achieve very low waste water, 1:1 product to waste or better! Typical RO/DI systems will produce around 3 gallons of waste water per gallon of purified water which makes the UHE system arguably the best RO/DI unit on the market.

To acheive such impressive production rates, the UHE system employs a microprocessor that controls the booster pump to provide optimum water pressure going into the system resulting in the most efficient RO production possible. It also performs a regular automatic flush of your TFC membrane to wash away trapped debris. This not only helps with providing optimum RO water production but also helps extend the lifespan of your TFC membrane and DI cartridges.

Most of us keeping reef tanks share a passion for the ocean and animals that live there, so do us all a favor and help conserve water using the ultra-efficient Spectrapure MaxCap UHE RO/DI System!

EcoTech Marine Vectra Pumps

EcoTech Marine Vectra Pumps

DC return pumps are one of the greatest advancements to hit our hobby in recent years because they are quiet, very efficient, and offer complete electronic control over the speed of the pump. EcoTech Marine released their own version of a DC return pump and to no surprise these little pumps are packed with impressive features.

The Vectra return pumps come in three sizes and with the largest L1 model topping out at a maximum flow rate of 3,100 GPH.  The pumps can be controlled via Wi-Fi using a Reeflink but also have a robust manual controller that allows you to adjust the speed of the pump, change the operational modes, connect a battery back-up, and more!

Suitable for both internal and external operation, these pumps are quite versatile and can be used as a return pump or in a closed loop setup. When set as a return pump, the pump will provide a constant stream of flow at the rate you choose.  You can then enter a feed mode and lock the speed using the included manual controller.  When used for a closed loop, you can utilize any one of the 3 different operational modes to provide dynamic water flow inside your aquarium – Lagoonal Random, Reef Crest Random, and Gyre.

What really sets these pumps apart is the control capabilities when paired with the EcoTech Marine Reeflink. The pumps can sync up with all of your EcoSmart-enabled products, including Radion LED lights and VorTech pumps and then be controlled via the very user friendly EcoSmart Live web application.

These Vectra DC pumps are yet another outstanding pump from EcoTech Marine. If you are the type of reefer who only wants the best of the best, this is the pump for you!

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