The Walt Smith Story: His Rich History in the Marine Aquarium Hobby and the A.D.E. Project

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with with industry pioneer Walt Smith about his Aquaculture Development for the Environment (A.D.E.) Project and his rich history in the marine aquarium hobby.

This episode is jam-packed with information so we’ve included time stamps below to highlight some of our favorite topics.

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We also provide an update on the Fiji rock and coral ban you’ve probably heard about in the news.

Episode Highlights

0:31  Update on Fiji ban of live coral and rock
1:24  Started in hobby in 1970. Started business in 1972.
2:39  Moved to Tonga in the South Pacific in 1989
3:32  Reef tanks emerge in the hobby
4:00  Fish and coral importation
5:24  Expansion to Fiji in 1995
6:10  Shipping 40 tons of live rock per week
6:36  The benefits of Fiji Mud
8:20  Sustainable and responsible harvest practices; non-detriment finding (NDF)
10:50  Walt Smith International creates the first commercial coral farm in 1998
13:20  WSI cultures 40 different species of corals
14:41  Aquaculture Development for the Environment (A.D.E. Project)
16:20  Creating economic opportunities and ensuring food security for locals
19:23  Studying the impact and benefits of transplated corals
21:08  The Ocean: The Final Frontier
22:06  “Bula Buddies” series of children’s books written by Walt Smith
24:46  The A.D.E. Project is a platform for scientific research

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