High-Tech Plants for High-Tech Aquariums: Dennerle In-Vitro Live Plants Now Available

Pogostemon Erectus

Sold individually in 2 ¾” sealed tubs.

If you’re a live plant enthusiast, you know that it can be difficult to find aquatic plants that are healthy.

It may seem like your “rolling the dice” when ordering plants. Sometimes they survive and flourish, other times they melt away to mush. Maybe you tried growing live plants but all they did was turn yellow, drop their leaves and die.

We’ve all seen images of beautiful European planted aquariums and wished we had access to the same high-quality plants. The good news is… now you can!

We’ve partnered with Dennerle, a leading producer of live aquatic plants, to bring high-quality live plants to the US. Located in Germany, Dennerle is a major pioneer in culturing aquatic plants for aquariums. They’ve even bred their own varieties of Crypts, Glossostigma and other popular aquatic plants.

Here’s what’s different about Dennerle plants.

Pogostemon Erectus
Rotala Indica
Marsilea Hirsuta
Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit
Didiplis Diandra
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Kompakt
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Broad Leaf
Ludwigia x Arcuata
Glossostigma Elatinoides
Cryptocoryne x Purpurea
Ranunculus Inundatus
Cryptocoryne Cordata

High-Tech Plants for High-Tech Aquariums

Today’s planted aquariums rely on carbon dioxide injection, specialty lighting and custom fertilizers. Dennerle uses ultra-modern tissue culture techniques to aseptically reproduce their plants under ideal conditions. Instead of harvesting plants from the wild, Dennerle selects the strongest plants with the most attractive features. These are cloned in a laboratory, ensuring every plant will be a beautiful specimen in your aquarium. This In Vitro (“under glass”) cloning technique means Dennerle plants are strong, healthy and ready to grow in your aquarium.

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House Plants vs. Aquatic Plants

Have you ever noticed a lot of plants sold for aquariums look like house plants? That’s because they ARE house plants and will never survive under water. Sure, you can plant them in your tank. But eventually they will fall apart and rot. Dennerle only raises true aquatic plants that will thrive under water.

No Hitchhikers

Wild harvested and farm-grown aquatic plants are exposed to a variety of bacteria, fungus and algae that live alongside the plants. Snails and hidden snail eggs also travel with outdoor-grown plants. Once in the warm, well-lit aquarium, these unwanted hitch hikers can take over the tank. Dennerle plants are cultured under pest-free conditions so there’s no chance of contaminating your aquarium.

Stress-Free Plants

Many aquatic plants are grown “emersed” in hydroponic systems. The roots are periodically flooded with water but the leaves are grown in the air. The trouble is the plant leaves are adapted to the air, not water. When you put them in your aquarium the leaves undergo a stress recovery period. The plants die back until new “water leaves” grow. Dennerle plants come pre-conditioned and ready to be submerged under water.

Get Growing with Dennerle

Whether you’re starting a new planted aquarium or adding plants to your established tank, be sure to try Dennerle In Vitro aquatic plants. The plants are shipped in plastic containers and will arrive at your door in a healthy condition, ready to plant and flourish in your aquarium.

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