Download The Latest Firmware for ATI Powermodule To Improve Time-Saving Capabilities In Event of Power Interruption

Downloading the latest firmware fixes some time handling issues with ATI’s Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid light fixtures.

It’s always wise to run your smart aquarium products using the latest firmware.

The most recent update for ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid lights is an important one because it fixes time handling issues that resulted from power interruptions.

This update is for the WiFi version of the Powermodule only , so do not use it if you are using a non-WiFi Powermodule.

Click here to download the latest firmware

Step 1: Download

Download the file linked above. Unzip it. Then, save it to a location on your computer where you will be able to find it easily.

Step 2: Save Your Current Program

When you update your firmware, the fixture is reset to factory-default settings. Prior to installing the update, please save your fixture’s program to your computer. Do this by selecting the “Download” option from the File menu. (File > Download).

Save the file in a convenient place, so you will be able to retrieve it easily once you have updated the firmware.

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Step 3: Update Your Firmware

After your light program has been saved, install the firmware. In your fixture’s menu, go to Settings > Firmware-Update. Use the “Choose File” button to select the update you saved to your computer, and click “Run.”

Step 4: Setup Your Fixture

It may take a few minutes for the firmware update to be installed on your fixture. Once it has been completed, proceed through the basic fixture setup procedure. The quick start guide for the Wifi LED Powermodule is below, in case you need to reference the steps.

Download ATI LED Powermodule (WiFi Edition) Quick Start Guide

Step 5: Reload Your Program

After setup is complete, use the File menu to reload your saved light program to the fixture. Make sure to use the “Save” option when the program is displayed on your screen to save the program to the Powermodule.

That’s it! Update complete.

If you bump into any trouble, you can reach ATI by telephone at 303-459-2119 or by email through their Contact Us form. We are always at your disposal as well, just give us a holler. Happy reefkeeping!

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