A Visit to Reef-A-Palooza California 2018 with Marine Depot

We just wrapped up our favorite weekend of the year here in Orange County, CA with the annual Reefaplooza show in our hometown.

Reefaplooza has grown drastically and now takes places in four different cities all over the US and is becoming the number one destination for die-hard hobbyists and beginners alike.

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We spent the weekend mingling with hobbyists and vendors as well as shopping for some of the “hottest” corals on earth. The beauty of this event is that you can talk with product manufacturers, coral vendors and retailers all under one roof and best of all, attendance is affordable and free for kids! This means the whole family can join the fun and get a glimpse of what makes this hobby so special to all of us.

We will be releasing a few more videos over the following weeks including interviews with manufacturers and re-caps of the educational presentations. So be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to see exactly what Reefaplooza is all about.

Take a selfie
Marine Depot Booth
Sea and Reef Aquaculture
Robert and Kelly having fun
The crew
Reefapalooza Sponsors
Fun for the whole family!
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