Support Walt Smith’s Efforts to Save Our Oceans with Bula Buddies

Around the world, our oceans and seas are facing problems at levels that we’ve never seen before.

Our Coral Reefs are not only a source of inspiration by their beauty but are an ecosystem not seen anywhere else on the planet. Corals shelter algae that live inside them. The algae supply the corals with the nutrients that they need to survive. In turn the coral by-products allow the algae to thrive.

Algae and other marine plants create between 70-80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere so the effect of coral health on humans and animals is massive. When we have large groups of corals living in the same area, we call them reefs and these reefs also provide food and a habitat for one quarter of the world’s fish and marine animals.

ADE, or Aquaculture Development for the Environment, is a nonprofit organization registered in the US and Fiji that enables and assists Coral Reef conservation and restoration projects within Fiji and, by example, around the world.

Our initial focus is to support and fund the training of local community coral farming and reef restoration projects at the village level. By teaching villagers how to sustainably farm corals they will learn to not only rebuild the natural reefs they rely on for food, but also gain a reliable and environmentally friendly source of employment by exporting farmed corals for the aquarium trade.  Learn more by visiting

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So how do we spread this message to our younger generation and inspire them to learn more about our precious ocean resources? One way I have found to be quite effective is to entertain and engage imaginations while also sending a message that will make a lasting impression.

One day I woke up with the idea to create a beautifully illustrated story with underwater super heroes that are working hard to understand the mysteries of their reef and the sudden changes taking place. The series, aptly named Bula Buddies, takes young and curious minds on an epic journey with our aquatic heroes as they identify the need to help their environment. We plan to release the books one story at a time with the ultimate goal of painting a realistic picture of the issues that surround coral reefs today.

The ADE Project is an every day extension of this story and the more books we sell the more benefit we can provide to the project. With every book sold, The Bula Buddies Pledge is to contribute a portion of that sale directly to the ADE Project.

This money goes directly to the ADE project alongside the donations of many other generous donors. These contributions enable the promotion of sustainable reef management, conservation and helps to develop sustainable aquaculture, all the while contributing to rural communities through coral farm training and economic support.

The first Bula Buddies book was released in August of 2018 and we are gearing up to release the second book in the series but we need your help to keep the momentum going.

Your support of the Bula Buddies Kickstarter campaign will significantly contribute to the success of ADE and world wide ocean conservation. I know not all of you will be able to contribute monetarily and that is OK, show your support by following Bula Buddies on Facebook and Instagram and spreading the good word to your friends, family and co-workers.

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