Scapers get your IAPLC entries in before May 31

It’s just days now until the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2020 closes for entries. 

The IAPLC is the original aquascaping contest and was conceived by the late great Takashi Amano of Aqua Design Amano fame, the godfather of modern aquascaping.

The largest aquascaping contest in the world, in its 20th year it now receives over 2000 entries from over 60 countries, with nine international jury members as well as being pre-filtered by the expert eyes of ADA staff.

Entries must include healthy live plants and be algae free and are given a maximum of 100 points based on the recreation of natural habitat, long term maintenance, technical skills, originality, presentation and composition.

Grand Prize

The winner is awarded Grand Prize, a certificate, plate and JPY1,000,000, or $9284, and would usually attend the Nature Aquarium Party in Japan in August but this year, because of Covid-19, the presentation will take place on YouTube instead. 

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Previous winners have become superstars of the scaping world, creating planted aquariums with such a sense of scale and depth that their artistry is unrivaled in the aquarium world. 

So if you’ve created a great looking planted aquarium this year and can take a good photo too, email it to via their online application, represent your country as well as being in with a chance of winning nearly $10,000. 



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