3D printed products are the future of reefkeeping

RFG Random Flow Generator Nozzle for 1/2 inch LocLine – Vivid Creative Aquatics

When it comes to reefkeeping, technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us power and control our tanks, helps us communicate and learn, and even notifies us if there’s a problem. And now with the help of design software and 3D printers we can actually create our own equipment and genuinely benefit the hobby with new gadgets and solutions

MJ Vacuum Pump Attachment – Vivid Creative Aquatics

When 3D printing first came along it was very much the domain of institutions due to prohibitive costs, and there were fears about the long term safety of the plastics used. But now lots of reefkeepers have access to them through their jobs in manufacturing or design or even have them at home, and once you’ve printed off a few basic things and got to grips with what’s possible, the sky’s the limit. 

NemProtect Pump Guard for EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40

3D printing not only aids manufacturers to bring new products out more quickly through rapid prototyping, with all the citizen printer/reefkeepers out there new stuff is being invented all the time and is pushing the hobby forward. Now it’s come full circle and you can actually purchase 3D printed products on sites like these. Nem guards and Random Flow Generators are just the beginning.

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We’ve also seen neon prices printed on frag racks, store logos and even ornaments.

What are your favorite 3D printed products, and what would you like to see printed in the future?

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