It’s no secret that a reverse osmosis system is considered essential for reef-keeping.  It’s just not worth the risk to use unfiltered tap water in your reef aquarium. Even freshwater aquarists are switching to RO water to have greater control over what goes into their tanks.  That’s why we’re excited to announce that Puratek RODI filters are back! It has the most up to date features combined into an easy and efficient filtration system.  Here’s what you need to know about the Puratek RO DI systems.

To start off, the Purateks come in two models: Standard and Deluxe, both of which are rated for 100 Gallons Per Day of filtration. The standard model is a basic 4-stage RODI system, make from high-quality materials, featuring an oil-filled pressure gauge, coming in at a great price point. Where the line gets much more exciting is when we take a look at the deluxe model.

Differences in the Deluxe and Standard Models

One of the major highlights of the Puratek Deluxe is that the operation of the purification system is monitored and controlled by a microprocessor. The processor monitors water quality, performs an automatic RO membrane flush, and operates a pressure booster.  Let’s take a closer look at the water purification process and see how all the features fit together to make this one of the most advanced RO systems available.  Connect the feedwater line to your faucet or cold-water line using the enclosed fitting.  You’ll notice the low-pressure sensor.  Incoming water pressure can fluctuate in well and municipal water supplies and if the water pressure is to low, The RO membrane loses efficiency and produces less clean water. The sensor communicates with the processor, sensing when water pressure is too low.

When the processor receives this message, it communicates with the built in booster pump to kick it on.  The processor turns the booster pump on and off as needed, minimizing wastewater and maximizing pure water production. The oil-filled pressure gauge makes it easy to monitor the operating pressure to make sure everything is working optimally.  Incoming water first passes through a 5 µm polypropylene sediment cartridge. This sediment cartridge captures system-clogging rust particles, sand, and other grit found in water supplies.

Next, the water flows through a 5 µm porous solid carbon block cartridge. Unlike granular carbon cartridges, solid block filters maximize contact with the water.  This increases chlorine removal and adsorption of organic compounds like pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other undesirable compounds. This is a very important step as many of these contaminants will drastically reduce the lifespan of your membrane if not removed.

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Next the water is sent to the booster pump and then on to the high-quality Pentair 100 GPD RO membrane.  During the reverse osmosis process calcium tends to build up on the membrane which leads to mineral scale reducing efficiency and shortening the life of the membrane.  The processor automatically back-flushes the membrane every two hours to prevent this scale build-up.  During the backflushing, solenoid valves automatically close, isolating the system while the mineral scale is sent to the drain line.  This feature of the Puratek saves you money by extending the life of the membrane and ensures only the purest water reaches the DI cartridge.

RO water is highly purified but can contain silicates along with traces of nitrate, phosphate and other substances.  The final mixed-bed deionization cartridge acts as a polishing stage, removing all traces of undesirable salts, metals and nutrients from the water.

The Puratek comes with a in-line TDS meter which tests the water by converting conductivity to Total Dissolved Solids in ppm units. The meter measures the of the water leaving the DI cartridge ensuring that the water leaving your filter is as clean as possible.  The TDS should always be zero so when you see the number start to rise you’ll know its time to change your DI Resin. Along with that, your RO membrane should also be changed about once a year.

The Puratek Deluxe takes a lot of technology that is already available but packages it all together seamlessly to make the sometimes overwhelming task of RODI filtration a little easier to overcome. It also manages to do all this while coming in a great pricepoint, leaving you with a bit of extra cash to save for the rest of your growing reef addiction. The Puratek RO DI comes with everything you need to set up the system and start making super-pure water for your freshwater, marine or reef aquarium.

If you’re considering a new RODI filter or looking to upgrade, be sure to check out the Puratek RODI system!

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