Eshopps Prodigy is the world’s slimmest overflow box

The Prodigy is the slimmest overflow on the market

Eshopps have pushed overflow design to the limit with the launch of the new Prodigy Slim. At just 8mm thick its about as slim as it’s possible for an overflow to be without removing a section of the backglass, while still being feature-packed and capable of handling lots of water flow. 

Two sizes are available, the M and the L, at 8×6” and 12×6” respectively, and they’re capable of flow rates up to 700 and 900 gallons per hour. 

The Prodigy is good looking inside and out

Both include adjustable water height, recessed external cover, removable weir combs, and come with a 1.5” bulkhead for the tank, and 1” drain bulkheads to take water back to the sump. The L model comes with 2 x 1.5” bulkheads and 2 x 1” drains. 

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Emergency overflows are included to prevent any accidents and the external side of the overflows are clear for maximum visual inspection. The boxes are black on the tank side for invisibility against black backgrounds, yet finished in orange acrylic with red PVC drain pipe on the outside.  Both models can clamp to tanks up to ⅝” thick.

The Prodigy is featured packed and compact

If standard internal weirs aren’t for you and you crave something a little more modern looking, sleek, and discrete this could well be the overflow box for you. With such a minimal in-tank profile it leaves maximum space for aquascaping and circulation while allowing all the benefits of a sumped system down below.

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