Best Aquarium Air Pumps: Our Top Picks

Best of Air Pumps

Air pumps have been oxygenating our tanks and powering our aquarium accessories for decades. While some may see these pumps as outdated, they are a proven and reliable option that are the pumps of choice for thousands of hobbyists. There are so many uses for these pumps including adding oxygen to the water and powering protein skimmers, undergravel filters, ATO’s as well as some other essential aquarium products. While their purpose has remained the same, there have been internal improvements to air pumps that have made them much more reliable. Within this article we will take a look at some of the best aquarium air pumps on the market.

Through our exploration into this topic, we will discuss the best air pump choice for a nano aquarium. We will then present our ideal selection for an air pump with multiple outlets. Finally, we will make our pick for the best air pump during an emergency power outage. We also offer a plethora of other air pump options that may be a great choice for your aquarium. If you have any questions or are needing a specific recommendation, feel free to reach out to our customer care team

The Best Choice for a Nano Aquarium: Marina Air Pump 50 

Marina 50 Air Pump

The Marina Air Pump is our most popular air pump option and we have been offering it for years. The 50 model is an ideal choice when oxygenating or powering aquarium accessories on tanks between five and fifteen gallons. The sound dampening pump cover and rubber legs make this air pump near silent which is something all hobbyists can appreciate. This pump in addition to its many uses with aquarium accessories, will also pair very well with an airstone if you are in need of oxygenating your system. The slim profile of this air pump also makes it very easy to keep it out of view of the main display tank. This pump also comes with a two year manufacturer warranty which is a great bonus in this price range. For each of these reasons, the Marina 50 is one of the best aquarium air pumps for a nano tank. 

Our Selection for Multiple Outlets: Danner Supreme Oxy-Flo AP-8 Air Pump

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Danner Supreme Oxy-Flo AP-8

The Danner Supreme Oxy-Flo AP-8 is one of four air pump offerings from Danner. The AP-8 has four individual air outlets capable of powering up to four individual accessories. The four outputs do not compromise the power of the pump as it will produce 549 cubic inches of air per minute and 2 PSI. Each of the outputs are also adjustable so you can change the amount of airflow depending on what you are using it for. All you will need to get your aquarium oxygenated with this pump would be some standard airline tubing along with an airstone. Overall, this system makes the perfect air hub for all of your accessories and that makes it our ideal choice for the best aquarium air pump with multiple outlets.  

The Ideal Pick for an Emergency: Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air USB Powered DC Air Pump

Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air USB Powered Pump

There is no worse feeling for a hobbyist when an extended power loss strikes that puts your tank at risk. Luckily, the Cobalt Aquatics USB powered air pump exists for this very reason. The initial battery on this pump can be paired with an airstone and it will keep the water moving for up to 24 hours. A power bank is also included that can be charged up to power the pump for an additional 24 hours. This system will put out 31 gallons per hour of air and it can be operated in ten second intervals in order to maximize the length of operation. The unit must be plugged in during normal conditions and when the power goes out, the pump will immediately switch over to battery power. Both the pump and power bank can be charged in a standard USB car charger. For each of these features, Cobalt’s rescue USB pump is our choice for the best aquarium air pump in emergency situations.  

Final Thoughts:
With these air pump recommendations, you can now power your protein skimmer, fill your aquarium with top off water, and protect your investment in case of an emergency. Air pumps still serve a major role in the hobby and manufacturers’ ability to innovate allows us to offer the best aquarium air pumps on the market for your aquariums. We anticipate air pumps will continue to be a vital part of the hobbyists toolkit regardless of whether they partake in freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquariums. We at Marine Depot look forward to highlighting more of our favorite products on the market in order to bring your aquarium to the next level. If you have any questions or if you want to share your masterpiece with us, our customer care team is here to serve you.  

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