Marine Depot’s Holiday Gift Guide

Marine Depot’s Holiday Gift Guide

It is once again time to gather with family, partake in valuable traditions and spruce up your aquariums for the holidays. Whether it’s to impress those judgy mother in laws, inspire the young cousins coming to visit, or just to have a little peace of mind in what has no doubt been a hectic year, Marine Depot has made it easy to source what you need to get your fish tank on the nice list. We are stocked up and ready to bring your aquarium inhabitants some holiday cheer. 

We all know giving is an important part of this beloved season and finding a meaningful gift can often be a challenge. Luckily, for those shopping for an aquarium hobbyist, we have made it easy to find what you need with our comprehensive holiday gift guide. Within this article, we will highlight a wide range of aquarium accessories that will bring a smile to even the most picky of aquarists. Even with this wide range of options, we recognize that there are plenty of other offerings on our website that could make a great gift in your particular case. We want to invite anyone to contact our customer care team if they are in search of any recommendation or are struggling to decide on what to get their favorite aquarium keeper. 

Stocking Stuffers:

IceCap Pod Habitat:

IceCap Pod Habitat

Looking to beef up your copepod population to keep your mandarin gobies nice and fat? Look no further than the Pod Habitat from Ice Cap. Simply stick the habitat into your sump and wait for the Copepods to make it their new home. With a 3” x 3” x 2” footprint, you can add this product into even the smallest of saltwater aquariums.

OceanBox Designs Frag Racks:

OceanBox CoralOne Magnetic Racks

If you’re looking for a way to organize your colorful coral, a proper frag rack can make all the difference. OceanBox Designs has been creating a plethora of colorful, durable, and minimal racks for years and their CoralOne Magnetic Racks will allow you to keep a close eye on that special frag.

V2O Fine Point Coral Feeders:

V2O Fine Point Coral Feeder

Keeping your corals well fed is a great way to encourage growth and keep them vibrantly colored. Using this fine point coral feeder from V2O will allow reefers to get the most out of their feedings. No matter which type of food you are pairing this feeder with, we are confident that even the most finicky species will take to your technique. 

Polyplab Reef-Roids Coral Food:

Reef Roids Coral Food

Staying with the theme of feeding your corals, we have our most popular feeding option, Reef-Roids from our friends at PolyLab. This food can be fed up to two times a week and can be distributed to softies, LPS, and SPS corals accordingly. This food comes in a powder form and should be diluted with tank water before being target fed.  

Maxspect Neutral Buoyancy, Carbon Fiber Coral Tweezers:

Maxspect Coral Tweezers

New from Maxspect, these coral tweezers are a great choice for any aquarist. They are made from carbon fiber, making them very lightweight, yet strong enough to lift heavy objects and feature silicone tips to minimize dropping your frags. One of the coolest parts of these tweezers is that they are neutral buoyancy, meaning that you that they’ll float with you if you drop them instead of needing to be fished from the bottom of your tank.

No More Topping Off:

XP Aqua Duetto:

XP Aqua Duetto

XP Aqua has quickly become one of the leaders in the auto-top off product category and their Duetto unit is their best seller. Having a reliable dual optical sensor is a great feature on an ATO at this price point. No programming or adjustments are required with the purchase of this unit and it is a great model to simply plug in and keep your aquarium topped off.

Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO:

Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO

Tunze is one of the most proven manufacturers in the entire aquarium hobby and their Osmolator 3155 unit is a great choice on aquariums up to 200 gallons. Having invented the auto top off concept, Tunze has gone through mass testing to make sure their osmolator units are built to last and capable of peak performance on your aquariums. 

Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO:

Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO

The Osmolator nano is the smaller brother to the 3155 unit mentioned above. Even with it being designed for smaller aquariums up to 55 gallons, Tunze did not compromise on the quality of this ATO. Both Osmolator units feature an anti-overfill system that will turn off the pump after five continuous minutes of pumping to prevent flooding. 

No More Lugging Buckets:

AquaMaxx Puratek Deluxe 100 GPD RO/DI Filter System:

Our Puratek Deluxe 100 gallon per day RO/DI unit will make a great choice for anyone who is tired of lugging heavy water buckets from their local fish store. This particular unit has all the bells and whistles that will have you producing TDS free water in no time. We also sell all of the replacement filters and membrane to make it even easier.

AquaMaxx Puratek Deluxe 100 GPD RO/DI Unit

Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 GPD RO/DI System:

For the aquarists lacking space, the Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 gallon per day RO/DI unit can make the water you need. This unit is small enough to fit within a backpack and includes a faucet adapter that can be connected and disconnected at a moment’s notice. We also stock all of the replacement filters for this unit for ease of access.

Aquatic Life Twist-In RO/DI

Dosing and Automation:

Kamoer X1 Bluetooth MicroPump:

The Kamoer X1 Bluetooth dosing pump is a fully controllable pump that can be thoroughly programmed at an extremely valuable price. These pumps can also be controlled together in order to dose multiple elements into your reef aquarium. You can also adjust the dosing volume down to .5 millimeters to make sure the amount you are adding is accurate. 

Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Micropump

Neptune DOS Dosing System:

Neptune has continued bringing valuable and innovative products to the aquarium hobby and their DOS system is no exception. With accurate dosing and programming ability, this product can work hand in hand with the Neptune Trident to dose additives based on the testing values established by your readings.

Neptune DOS Dosing System

Neptune APEX Controllers:

The Neptune APEX has solidified itself as the leader amongst aquarium controllers and any of their units would make the ultimate holiday gift. With their ability to control hundreds of accessories, and monitor parameters within an aquarium, there is no true replacement to the controllability an APEX provides.

Neptune Apex Controller

CoralVue Hydros Control 2 & 4

Hydros is the brand new control infrastructure put out by CoralVue. The simplicity of this system makes it a great entry point for those just getting into the hobby, but its modularity gives it great staying power for advanced reefers as well. The Control 2 comes in at $199.99, vastly lowering the entry point and making control available to beginners. Check out the full line of accessories too!

Seneye Reef Monitor:

For a more budget friendly controller option, the Reef Monitor from Seneye is an excellent choice that will still allow you to monitor some essential parameters within your aquarium. With the ability to take 5600 readings per month and chart them, you can keep a close eye on the progression of your reef.

Seneye Reef Monitor

Shiny New Pumps:

Ecotech Marine MP40 Pump W/ Quietdrive:

Ecotech Marine MP40 WQD

The Ecotech Marine MP40 is our best selling powerhead due to its controllability, power, and ability to perform on large aquariums. With its Mobius compatibility, it can be controlled via a smartphone application and it is jam packed with pre-programmed modes that will fit your tank. This pump from Ecotech will undoubtedly be a great gift for an aquarist to remember.

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AI Nero 5:

AI Nero V

The Nero Five from Aquaillumination is another controllable pump that can put out a maximum of 3,000 gallons per hour. Its unique shape makes it a great low profile option for the hobbyists who prefer to hide their pumps. Controllability is again an important feature within this pump and the included smartphone application is intuitive and easy to use.

Newa Multi-Use Pumps:

NEWA Multi-Use Pump

If you are searching for a more budget friendly and multi-use pump, the Maxi Line from NEWA is a fantastic option. At four different sizes, the options are there to pick a pump capable of operating on your aquarium. Whether it’s to pump saltwater back into your aquarium, or operate on a media reactor any of these pumps will be a great choice.

Let It Skim, Let it Skim, Let it Skim:

AquaMaxx HOB 1.5 Protein Skimmer:

AquaMaxx HOB 1.5 Skimmer

If space is limited in your sump, a hang on back protein skimmer may be a great choice for your system. One of our favorite skimmers in this category is the HOB 1.5 from AquaMaxx. This skimmer can operate on aquariums up to 75 gallons and ones with a rim up to ¾”. Finally, the adjustable and removable collection cup makes maintenance on this skimmer a breeze.

Reef Octopus Classic Series Protein Skimmers:

Reef Octopus Classic Skimmer

Reef Octopus has been making some of the best proteins skimmer for years and their classic line is their most proven and reliable series. Along with the standard versions, the space saving, hang on back, and INT models will be able to perform on aquariums in a wide variety of sizes. Be sure to check their product descriptions to get an idea for the rating for each individual option.

AquaMaxx FC Series Protein Skimmers:

AquaMaxx FC Series

The AquaMaxx FC Series skimmers are one of the most cost effective and reliable skimmers on the market. Some of the greatest features on these is their Italian made pumps and compact footprints that can operate in even the tightest of sumps. With four different sizes, these skimmers can work on tanks as small as 70 gallons and as large as 420 gallons.

Testing, Testing One, Two, Three:

Marine Depot Aquarium Reefractometer:

Marine Depot Reefractometer

Measuring salinity is one of the most important parameters to keep an eye on for any saltwater tank. Our Reefractometer will allow you to get a read on your salinity in seconds. A carrying case, calibration screw driver, and microfiber cloth round out the packaging. This measurement device will become a part of your testing toolkit in no time.

Hanna Instruments Colorimeters:

Hanna Alkalinity Checker

For those who prefer a digital readout to getting readings based off of an eye test, the Hanna Instruments Colorimeters are the test kits for you. These kits are extremely fast, accurate, and durable which have allowed them to become some of the most popular testing devices on offer. A few of these colorimeters would make a great choice for any holiday gift. 

Hanna Instruments Salinity and Temperature Checker:

Hanna Temp and Salinity Checker

Staying with the testing line from Hanna, we have the salinity and temperature checker which will give you a quick and easy reading on both parameters in just a few seconds. Simply dip the checker into a sample of your tank water and you will be good to go. With over 100 hours of battery life, this product will remain a part of your saltwater arsenal for years to come.

Neptune Trident:

Neptune Trident

For the gift of all aquarium related gifts, the Trident from Neptune is on every reefers wishlist. This unit has the ability to autonomously test for Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium and work hand in hand with a Neptune DOS to keep those parameters in check. The Trident is a worthy purchase for saltwater hobbyists looking to protect their investment.

Light Up Some Holiday Cheer:

Kessil AP9X LED Light:

Kessil has long been a leader in the reef lighting category and their newest AP9X model is an exciting improvement from the previous AP700 Iteration. The light still has that great shimmer you have come to expect from the brand along with the ability to be controlled via a smartphone application while covering an area of 48” X 30”.                   

Kessil AP9X LED

AI Hydra LED Lights:

The Aquaillumination Hydra line is one of our most popular LED reef lights on offer due to their excellent controllability, ease of use, and spread. These lights come in two unique sizes and can be controlled via your smartphone. Any of these fixtures are capable of keeping even the highest light requiring corals in great condition.

AI Hydra 32 HD Led Light

Ecotech Radion LED Lights:

Ecotech is one of the most popular and innovative aquarium related manufacturers on the market and their Radion lights are the most common fixtures for hardcore reefers. We are offering the newest Gen 5 models that come in a Blue or Pro spectrum that can be selected depending on the preference of the hobbyist. You would be hard pressed to find a better light to keep your SPS corals happy and growing.

Ecotech Radion XR15 Gen 5 Blue Led Light

Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget ChaetoMaxx Refugium LED:

For those looking to get some serious growth out of their macroalgae, the ChaetoMaxx Refugium Light from Innovative Marine will be a great pick. An excellent feature of this light is the fact that it can clip onto the back of any NUVO aquarium and turn the back filtration section into the perfect refugium.  

IM ChaetoMaxx Refugium LED

Odds and Ends:

Marine Depot Standard Aquarium Controller Board:

Tank automation is an incredible innovation but, there certainly are a lot of cables involved with all of these features. Luckily, the Marine Depot Aquarium Controller board exists for that very reason. You can now get rid of that large tangled ball of cables and create a visually appealing and well organized way to showcase your aquarium automation accessories. 

Marine Depot Standard Aquarium Controller Board

Flipper Magnetic Glass Cleaners:

If you’re tired of constantly putting your hands in your aquarium to clean the glass, it may be time to invest in a magnetic glass cleaner. The variety of sizes from Flipper allow them to work on almost any tank. The greatest feature of these cleaners is their blade attachment that will allow for even the toughest of film algae’s to be scraped clean.

Flipper Glass Cleaner

Marine Depot T-Shirts:

The final item on our holiday gift guide is a fun little gift for our ultimate Marine Depot customers. Our awesome t-shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors. These shirts allow our loyal customers to show off their true passion for aquariums. 

Marine Depot T-Shirt

Final Thoughts:

The holiday season is certainly a hectic and often stressful time where what should be a joyous and exciting task can become a major challenge. We hope this guide has made it a bit easier to find something for the aquarium keeper in your life. With all of the new products on the market, we have a wide variety of offerings for any freshwater, planted, saltwater, or reef tank. Regardless, we will be here to assist you in any needs you may have and we are just a call, chat, or email away from answering any questions you may have. 

Thank you for all your continued support and Happy Holidays,  

The Marine Depot Team

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