The Kessil A500X: Pushing the Limits of LED Fixtures.

The Kessil A500X Tuna Blue: Pushing the Limits of LED Fixtures.

When it comes to aquarium lighting, there is no mistaking a Kessil lit tank. For years, hobbyists alike have stared in awe at the famous shimmer and perfect color mixing LED’s we have come to enjoy from Kessil. Being at the forefront of aquarium lighting technology has allowed Kessil to produce some of our most popular lighting solutions including the A80, A160WE, A360NE, A360X, and the AP9X

Kessil’s newest offering, the A500X has taken all of the qualities we have come to love in Kessil lighting to new heights. At 185 watts in a compact 3.7 by 5.2 inch footprint, SPS coral growers are finally able to swap out their large and hot metal halide systems for a more controllable and equally as powerful LED in a much smaller package. The sheer amount of power coming from this small LED fixture has never been seen before in the hobby.

Two Kessil A500x’s above an SPS dominant aquarium

With a small footprint similar to the A360 models, a large portion of the fixture itself is dedicated to being the heat sink. As you can imagine, cooling such a small light with this sort of output is no easy task. A majority of the fixture has wide openings to allow for the airflow needed to keep the unit operating at a safe internal temperature.

Dense Matrix LED technology combined with proven Kessil Logic allows for the creation of a fully customizable spectrum that is designed to maximize SPS coral growth, health, and coloration. The controllability you have come to love from Kessil’s other models is also present within the A500X when paired with either the Spectral X Controller or one of Kessil’s Wifi Dongles.

Optional reflectors allow you to adjust the spread of the A500x Tuna Blue

Lighting up an SPS dominant aquarium is as much about color as it is about intensity. Luckily, Kessil is known for their industry leading color mixing and they created the perfect spectrum to highlight the stunning color within your SPS coral. Kessil has created a proprietary blend of Tuna Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Violet, and Indigo that makes the A500X the perfect lighting choice for an SPS dominant system.

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While the spectrum Kessil created is specifically designed to maximize both the color and growth of SPS coral, it can still be adjusted through the multitude of controllability options that are compatible with these lights. Whether it be through Kessil’s Spectral Controller or Wifi Dongle, adjustments can be made to cater to the desires of the user.

The Kessil Reef Lighting Choice For You

The Kessil Reef Lighting Choice For You

As far as coverage goes, the spread on each fixture given their footprint is seriously impressive. The Kessil A500X is rated for 36”x36”x36” coverage over a SPS dominant system. This means for a six foot tank, you can fully illuminate it for the most high-light requiring corals using just two of these lights. Each A500X comes standard with a 55° reflector right out of the box but, depending on your needs, a 35° reflector is also available. The different reflectors allow the user to adjust the depth or width of your lighting coverage.

Spread with LED light fixtures can often become frustrating for hobbyists with large aquariums as it used to just be too expensive to adequately light these systems with LED’s. With Kessil’s Introduction of the A500X- Tuna Blue, it is now much easier to make these systems capable of growing SPS corals. Additionally, on smaller aquariums up to 36 inches, they can be fully lit for an SPS dominant system using just one A500X.

The Kessil A500X-Tuna Blue has a plethora of advanced controllability options

If you need multiple A500X’s or other X-Series fixtures in order to fully cover your tank, each one of them can be K-Linked to ensure both the color, and intensity are consistent across the board. The A500X will also be compatible with Kessil’s pre-existing hanging options including the Mounting Arm and the A-Series Gooseneck. Not only will these mounting options look great on your aquarium, they will also perfectly position the light to maximize the coverage of each fixture.

Pre-Order the Kessil A500X.

Marine Depot will be offering the Kessil A500X for purchase at the price of $739. Each unit will include the light, power supply, and the standard 55° reflector that attaches magnetically to the lense. Brighten up your SPS system with the brand new AP500X from Kessil!

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