Beat The Heat: Reef Edition

Beat the Heat: Reef Edition

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to consider how best your aquarium can beat the heat. Investing in a chiller and getting it properly dialed in for your needs can protect the livestock within your system. Within this article, we are going to make chiller recommendations for a wide variety of specific aquarium setups. Our goal is to make the process of choosing an appropriately sized chiller for your needs easy while making you aware of all the features that each of these units offer. We will also touch on a few ways to cool your aquarium without having to use a chiller. While we simply cannot make a recommendation for every type of aquarium, our customer care team would be happy to assist you in your quest for a chiller.

We will break down four different aquarium sizes and what type of chiller will work best for each of them. We will begin by discussing an option for tanks up to 40 gallons as well as a good choice for aquariums between 40-90 gallons. Then, we will make a recommendation for aquariums between 90 and 180 gallons. We will then conclude the article by touching on some other cooling steps you can take without purchasing a chiller.


A chiller for smaller aquariums: JBJ Mini Arctica 1/15 HP Chiller
A midsized option: Aqua Euro Max Chill 1/10 HP Chiller
For the larger systems: Aqua Logic Cyclone 1/4 HP Chiller
Some chiller alternatives: Aquarium Cooling Fans and Other Tips

A chiller for smaller aquariums: JBJ Mini Arctica 1/15HP Chiller

JBJ Mini Arctica 1/15HP Chiller

Unfortunately, when the serious summer heat starts to arrive, the first aquariums that get too hot are the ones with the smallest amounts of water. Luckily however, smaller aquariums also tend to be both the easiest and least expensive to cool. Our chiller selection for aquariums up to 40 gallons is the JBJ Mini Arctica 1/15 HP chiller. Not only has this chiller been around for years, it is also produced by JBJ who has been one of the leaders in aquarium manufacturing for a very long time. This unit is also very easy to plug in and go which is a great benefit for those not looking to spend hours getting their chiller setup. This model also features an LCD display screen as well as a smart memory feature that will remember the temperature you set even after a power loss. A two year manufacturer warranty is also included with the purchase of this chiller for added peace of mind. For its compact size and premium features, the JBJ Mini Arctica 1/15 HP Chiller is an excellent cooling option for aquariums as large as 40 gallons.

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A midsized option: Aqua Euro Max Chill 1/10 HP Chiller

Taking a step up to slightly larger aquariums allows us to select a chiller with more power while still being a relatively small and compact unit. The Max Chill 1/10 HP Chiller from Aqua Euro is an ideal option to cool aquariums between 40 and 90 gallons. A digital LED display will allow you to keep a close eye on the temperature within your tank as well as the pre-set temperature for the chiller. The ideal feed pump flow rate for this chiller is between 200-370 gallons per hour. All fittings and needed equipment is already included with the purchase of the chiller. The chiller is also made with the highest quality materials that are designed to stand up to the harsh environment saltwater aquariums present. Another great feature of this chiller is its reliable and energy efficient compressor that will help you save on your electric bill. Additionally, this chiller also includes a manufacturer warranty of one year to keep you protected.

Aqua Euro Max Chill 1/10 HP Chiller

For the larger systems: Aqua Logic Cyclone 1/4 HP Chiller

Aqua Logic Cyclone Chiller

For even larger tanks, it is important to have a chiller that is powerful but also one that is extremely reliable. Oftentimes, larger aquarium builds come with a larger initial investment. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a chiller system you can trust. With that in mind, we have opted for the Aqua Logic Cyclone ¼ HP chiller as the choice for tanks between 90 and 180 gallons. The purchase of this chiller includes a temperature controller for you to dial in exactly where you need your system to be. This chiller also doesn’t require any plumbing which should give you some peace of mind knowing that any sort of leak is very unlikely. Additionally, this chiller includes a two year manufacturer warranty for some additional protection. Despite its immense power, this chiller is still very compact with dimensions of 12” X 15” X 11”. If you’re looking for a way to cool down your larger aquarium in a safe and reliable way, then investing in the Aqua Logic Cyclone ¼ HP Chiller would be a great choice.

Some chiller alternatives: Aquarium Cooling Fans and Other Tips

If you only need a slight reduction in your aquariums temperature or, if you prefer to not have to use a chiller then, this paragraph is for you. Using an aquarium cooling fan is a great way to reduce your aquarium temperature by a couple of degrees. We have both USB powered fans as well as ones that operate off of a standard power supply. Keeping the air moving around your aquarium will also help to oxygenate the water. Oftentimes, aquarium hobbyists may only need to cool their systems for a few weeks a year. If this applies to you, it may be in your best interest to opt towards these more affordable options. One of these possible solutions is to add a frozen bottle of water to your sump and that will help drop the temperature a few degrees in a larger aquarium. One final technique is to open any hood or canopy to allow for increased airflow while reducing your lighting intensity. We hope these tips can help keep your aquarium cool while saving you money by preventing the need for a chiller.

Aquarium Cooling Fan
Final Thoughts:

We hope this article has given you an idea of some chiller models that may work well for your tank and its needs. Keeping your aquarium’s temperature in range and consistent is one of the most important factors in the sustainability of your system. Despite temperature being the premise of this piece, it is important to remember that there are other parameters that must be in check when keeping an aquarium. Whether you are looking for a specific chiller recommendation or you are just seeking some general advice, our customer care team would be happy to assist you.

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