Aquarium Algae Control: Diatoms, Cyano and Green Hair Algae – Part 1

Welcome to part one of our two-part video series about aquarium algae. Our goal with this series is to help you identify the most common types of algae that can plague an aquarium and provide you with a solid game plan to rid your tank of these pesky nuisance. The first part of battling nuisance […]

5 Effective Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums

We all struggle with algae problems in our reef tanks. Algae are an essential part of the aquarium’s food chain and ecosystem. It’s impossible to eliminate algae from our reef tanks but we can take steps to keep algae under control. The idea is to maintain the right natural balance so algae cannot take over […]

How To Control Algae in Marine Aquariums

While algae seems like a nuisance to most aquarists, it is a natural part of the marine environment, like fish and corals. But why do we sometimes struggle with nuisance algae growth? Is algae control a battle or a balance?

I’ve had my salt water tank up for 8 months now. For the last 2 brown algae has taken over. Now it’s out of control. It’s growing over everything, and getting so long it looks like hair. I’ve done water changes, my water levels are normal, my crabs have all died, and there are no snails left.

There are various forms of brown algae. Diatom algae is probably the most common source of brown algae. It shows up as a thick film on the glass, sand and rocks. It is a translucent brown/tan, and is common in almost all aquariums to a lesser or greater degree than in your tank. Diatoms, like […]

Controlling Problem Algae in the Reef Aquarium, Part 1

After being in the hobby for almost 23 years and having kept reef aquaria for most of them, it is still amazing that the most frequently asked question is still how to eliminate problem algae. After trying just about every method for doing this out there really are two simple answers: reduce your bioload and […]

Hydros Control by CoralVue: The Next Generation of Aquarium Controllability.

It’s been almost two years since the initial release of the Hydros Aquarium Controller and ever since, CoralVue has been hard at work advancing the technology while developing new accessories designed to improve your aquarium keeping experience. This article serves as a guide to learn everything you need to know about Hydros control and how […]

Common Nuisance Algae and How to Treat Them

Algae can enter your aquarium from introduced rocks, sand or frags, and when the conditions are right, algae will take advantage and become a nuisance, if left unchecked. Here are some of the most common nuisance algae we see in aquariums and methods to help prevent and treat them.

The Algae Buster Profiles: Part One

Dealing with algae can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the aquarium hobby. While there are a plethora of products on the market to help combat invasive algae, introducing a well built clean up crew can help naturally remove algae before it ever becomes a significant issue. Within this article we will break […]