Product Review: AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aquacultured Copepods

AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aquacultured Copepods – 8ozItem Code: GV00005 Small harpacticoid copepod Lives on surfaces and swims in water column Life stages: Egg (1), Nauplii (6), Copepodid (5), Adult (1) Reproduction: sexual Eggs are deposited in an egg sac attached to female genital segment 10-70 eggs per egg sac Nauplii width: 55-140 m wide […]

Ocean Pods Aquacultured Marine Copepods

This seemed like a pretty cool product so I figured I’d throw it on the blog this morning to see if any of our readers have experience with Ocean Pods Aquacultured Marine Copepods. The following blurb comes direct from the Ocean Pods website (with a few added links to MDL to identify livestock): Ocean Pods […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Reef Edition

Despite the frequent rain and rampant pollen, Spring is finally here! Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers but, how can this relate back to our reef tanks. Well, within this article we are going to discuss some of the best steps to take in April that can pay dividends in coral growth once […]