Red Slime!!! – Reef Tank Pest Control #3: How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria, or Cyano for short, is not an algae like what many of you might think but is in fact a photosynthetic bacteria that can quickly coat the surfaces inside your tank. Its ugly, prolific and can even out-compete your coral. Here is your guide to preventing this plague and some helpful tips for cleaning it up.

Bacteria for Beginners, Part 1

COOTIES? Eeoww!  Bacteria gets a bad name because of the serious illnesses some of them can cause. But not all bacteria are bad, in fact most are not just good, but critically important for life on Earth. To help understand what role bacteria play in our reef tanks, we are introducing a multi-part series on […]

How to Get Rid of Red Slime (Cyanobacteria)

Have you ever seen the movie Ghostbusters? Do you remember Slimer, the ugly spud-shaped ghost that left a nasty slime trail everywhere it went? While funny in the film, having slime inside your aquarium is no laughing matter. It consumes nutrients in your water, blankets coral and creates an unsightly aquascape. Read How to Get […]

The Tools You Need to Build The Perfect Aquascape

There are few things as visually striking as a perfectly aquascaped reef aquarium. What you don’t see is the thought and work that goes into designing and executing its creation effectively. Within this article, we are going to discuss some of the best tools to help you create your dream aquascape. While this piece is […]

How Ozonizers Work and How to Set one Up

Ozone, when used properly, is one of the best methods of improving water quality. An ozonizer is a piece of equipment which produces ozone that is capable of reducing or possibly eliminating unwanted algae, killing bacteria, algae spores and other harmful pathogens in your aquarium. The addition of ozone will raise an aquarium’s ORP (oxidation […]