Sodwana seahorse is the first pygmy to be found off South Africa

A new species of pygmy seahorse has been described from South Africa.  Named Hippocampus nalu, its adult size is less than an inch long and its the first of its kind to be found outside Asia, with its closest known relatives living 5000 miles away. The name “nalu” is a fitting one as its the […]

How to Set Up a Seahorse Aquarium

Seahorses are one of the most interesting animals you can keep in a home aquarium. The way they look and swim is fascinating and, whether you have an appreciation for aquatic animals or not, most people will agree they are just plain mysterious and unearthly creatures. Seahorses embody a mystical symbolism within a number of […]

Best Saltwater Aquariums: Our Top Picks

While saltwater aquariums were once reserved for dedicated hobbyists, they are now more accessible and easier to keep than ever. With all of the new information and resources that allow beginners to keep saltwater aquariums, more and more people are entering the hobby with the goal of creating a system they can be proud of. […]

Aquarium fish breeding worth $41.3 million

The University of Florida has revealed the annual value of tropical fish aquaculture in the US was over $40 million in 2018.  They are well placed for the study as Florida is both the biggest fish breeder and the biggest seller of ornamental fish in America, with sales of those farmed fish generating $28.7 million […]