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November 26th Highlights:

  • Red Sea Sale up to 15% off (excludes aquariums)
    • 15% off Red Sea Supplements and Test Kits
    • 10% off Red Sea ReefLED, Reefer Skimmers, Reef-Spec Carbon, Lid Net Covers, Salt, and most accessories
  • Pax Bellum 15% off
    • Macroalgae reactors with serious style. All ARID reactors on sale
  • Flipper 15% off all items
    • Flip from pad to blade in their all in one cleaning tools, now that’s flipping amazing! Don’t forget to check out their magnetic viewers!
  • CPR Aquatics 10% off all items
    • One of our top rated overflow boxes and HOB refugium’s
  • AquaMaxx 15% off all items (excludes aquariums)
    • Don’t miss out on some cool and unique AquaMaxx gadgets!
      • DTH-1 Pro Magnetic Dosing Tube Holder – Nifty little magnetic device that sticks to the side of your sump or to the back of your all-in-one aquarium to help organize your tubes.
      • AquaMaxx MFR-1 Magnetic Feeding Ring – Stop feeding your sump! Drop frozen or dry foods into feeding ring and add some convenience back into your life.
      • AquaMaxx Coral-Eye 5W CREE Blue LED Flashlight – Makes a great gift! Save for future frag swaps, or turn off your tank lights, shine the flashlight, and impress your friends and family. Now’s the time to show off all that hard work you’ve put into your tank!
      • AquaMaxx Reef Welder Epoxy Glue – This perhaps may be THE best epoxy ever! Best of all, if you mess up, it’s reusable! Just soak it in hot water again until it becomes clear and mold again. Don’t forget, it’s like “Play-Doh”, you can mold all kinds of stuff when its hot, and it hardens after it cools. Got some extra? Make that purple iPhone or Android phone stand you’ve always wanted. Great stuff!
      • AquaMaxx Sigma-1 In-Sump Media Reactor – These are brand new and they are awesome for GFO and Carbon! Keep the base and pump in the sump at all times, and just twist to remove the canister. Easy peasy!

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November 25th Highlights:

  • Aqua Ultraviolet 10% off all items
    • Very rare sale from Aqua UV starts today for a limited time only!
  • Brightwell One Day Doorbusters
    • 30% off Restor, AminOmega, and the super popular CoralAmino this is a must have as a hobbyist as it is very beneficial to stony and soft corals
  • Trigger Systems 10% off
    • Our most popular sump line is STILL on sale. Pick from any of their beautiful, bright color options
  • inTank 10% off
    • Manufacturers of custom designed retrofit media baskets. Now is a great time to upgrade your filtration basket

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November 24th Highlights:

  • Neptune Special Doorbusters Day 5
    • $25.00 off LDK Leak Detection Kit a must have in ultimate disaster prevention. This concludes our Neptune Doorbusters this year so make sure you check out the previous Neptune deals while supplies last!
  • Brightwell Today Only (Tuesday 11-24-2020) Doorbuster
    • 30% off all Brightwell NeoNitro, NeoPhos, and Phosphate-E. Keeping an ultra-low nutrient system or plan to in the near future? The NeoNitro and NeoPhos are a must! Or, have high phosphates and need a liquid phosphate remover product? The Phosphate-E is one of our top sellers and it’s on sale at 30% off for one day only!
  • AquaMaxx Puratek RO/DI units 15% off! GREAT DEAL!
    • These Puratek RO/DI are back and they are better than ever with the support you get with AquaMaxx! These premium RO/DI units come in two models, the budget friendly, yet high quality 100 GPD unit, and the Deluxe 100 GPD unit fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.
    • Did you know the Deluxe 100 GPD Puratek unit has an included microprocessor and booster pump, and it retails under $300! Talk about being a smart, efficient, and affordable! Even better, catch ’em while they’re on sale!
  • American Marine Pinpoint Monitors
    • 20% off all monitors and calibration fluids are on sale while supplies last, and don’t to pick up one of our top sellers, the food soak Selcon!
  • Reef Octopus Skimmers Doorbuster!
    • Last minute deal 25% off Regal Skimmers and Elite Skimmers – biggest discount of the year on these
  • Continuum Aquatics
    • 20% off entire line Nutritional supplements, vitamins, maintenance tools and filtration media. Its all on sale!

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November 23rd Highlights:

  • Neptune Special Doorbusters Day 4:
    • $50 off the Apex Energy Bar 832 Now that is savings! Snatch one before we change our minds
  • Lifegard 30% off Doorbusters
    • IntelliFeed Fish Feeder, Big Digital Thermometer, Select Nano & Betta Tanks that are Crystal Low Iron Glass & Elevated. Perfect time to start your desktop Aquarium
  • Eheim 15% off entire line
    • Easily the most recognizable brand in the industry. All items are discounted by 15%
  • Brightwell Doorbuster!
    • 30% off All Microbacter products! Best deal of the year from Brightwell. Make sure to stock stock up on Microbacter7, Microbacter CLEAN, Microbacter Start XLM or XLF for the freshwater version.
  • Finnex 15% off all items
    • Get your hands on the most popular titanium heaters and digital temperature controllers in the hobby

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November 22nd Highlights:

  • Neptune Special Doorbusters Day 3:
    • 15% off on all Neptune FMM accessories!
  • Reef Breeders up to 20% off
    • 20% off RP-M Powerhead Pump – Big powerful flow in a compact size!
    • 20% off Pico/Nano LED’s, look no further only online retailer to have stock in all 3 models.
      • Pico Refugium LED – optimized for chaeto and macro/micro algae growth
      • Pico Saltwater LED – for LPS and Soft Corals
      • Pico Display Refugium LED – daylight for macro algae growth, perfect to display or view ornamental algae
  • AquaFX 15% off all items
    • Grab your reverse osmosis filtration system today!
  • NemProtect 15% off all items
    • Protect your fish and nems with these pump guards made for Vortech’s and Maxspect Gyre’s
  • Poseidon Reef Systems 10% off all items
    • New and exclusive! Copepod, Phytoplankton and Macroalgae Chaeto reactors. You will only find them here
  • Blue Life USA 20% off all items
    • Stock up on one of our favorite medias made here in the USA, Clear FX Pro, and their new Clear FX Reef and Clear FX Planted.  Flux RX is also a must have for bryopsis and pesky green hair algae, we’ve personally tested this and it gets the job done!

Don’t forget to check out the rare sales from Kessil, Hanna and the 20% off Maxspect Gyre XF330 and XF350 pumps, while supplies last!

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November 21st Highlights:

  • Reef Glass 15% off all items
    • One of our most popular skimmer for Nano Tanks. Simple, elegant and unique yet completely functional. Just the perfect size for an amazing price.

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November 20th Highlights:

Two great promotions from Neptune to kick off:

Doorbuster Deals without having to leave your home

Sitewide Sale 15% off starts today! (Some exclusions apply.)

Brands that rarely go on sale due to MAP restrictions are lifting MAP! Check out these discounts on the entire line from these brands.

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