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3rd Pillar of Reef Keeping – Chasing Coral Color & Growth

Welcome to Part 3 of this four-part series, Chasing Colors, Not Numbers, where we learn about the latest research about feeding corals and what coral nutrition means for the reef aquarist.

Dealing with Aggressive Tank Mates when Introducing a New Fish

Mirrors? Acclimation boxes? Feeding? How do you deal with tank bullies when introducing a new fish? Here are a few methods we at MD and many aquarists have used to reduce the aggression.

2nd Pillar of Reef Keeping – Chasing Coral Color & Growth

Ocean tides constantly flush the reef, washing away waste and bringing in nutrients, making water flow key in chasing coral growth and color to keep them in peak health.

Forging a Better Future For Coral Reefs

Reef aquariums have come a long way in a very short amount of time. Whether it’s the technology behind them or the plethora of information continuing to enter the hobby. We all want to create an aquarium that can give viewers a glimpse into what a thriving natural coral reef looks like. While general interest […]

How to Gain Control of your Silicate Situation

One of the most abundant elements on earth, silicon in its soluble form (silicate) can contribute to diatom outbreaks. So before it gets out of hand, here is what you need to know about it to gain control.

Evaporation in Your Aquarium: Process, Causes, and How to Reduce It!

Evaporation occurs at the surface of the water, lost to the air in the room, but never returns to the aquarium. How does this happen? What are the causes? And how can we control it?

Top Causes of Cloudy Water in Freshwater Tanks and How to Clear it Up

Cloudy freshwater is most common in newly set-up tanks, but can happen, anytime. Here we discuss some of the top reasons cloudy water happens, and what can be done to combat it.

Chasing Coral Color & Growth – The 4 Pillars of Reef Keeping

Chasing numbers often leads aquarists to the misconception that they need to achieve certain parameters to get growth and color in coral. However, what works for one person may not work for another. In this series we discuss the four pillars to support your coral goals.

Reefer Resolutions: Achieve Your Aquarium Goals

It’s almost 2021! and to celebrate, the Marine Depot team is revealing the tools you need to achieve your new year’s aquarium resolutions. Unfortunately, we are not in the fitness, nutrition, or organization industries but, what we can do is, make sure that your aquariums are happy, healthy, and low maintenance to ring in the […]

How to Downsize to a Smaller Tank: Tips and Pointers

Whatever the reason may be, a downsize to a smaller tank is sometimes needed. So Team MD has put together a few tips and guideline to help make the transition a little easier.