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Top 10 Aquarium Myths By Chris Romero, Reef Squad

Technology in the aquarium hobby and the way we think about our aquariums continues to evolve. Decades ago, an undergravel filter was the only way to filter an aquarium, saltwater was collected from the ocean and keeping coral in a closed environment was almost unheard of. As times and technology have evolved, a lot of […]

How to Organize Your Aquarium Equipment by Jose Serrano, Reef Squad

How many times has water fallen on the power strip you plug your aquarium supplies into? How often do you unplug the wrong piece of equipment because you have no idea which plug it is? Are your cables so intertwined they resemble braids of hair or worse, tangled into a veritable bird’s nest? Don’t worry: you are […]

Setting up a Biopellet Reactor By Murray W. Camp

So, you just purchased a new biopellet reactor. Congratulations! You may be saying to yourself: “what do I do now”? Hopefully, this article will answer some of your questions. What are biopellets? “Biopellets” are beads or pellets of a solid plastic, used in an upflow reactor, for nutrient control. The basic idea behind this methodology is that […]

Top 7 Live Rock Hitchhikers by Robert Farnsworth, Reef Squad

If you have ever set up, maintained or even researched marine aquaria, I am sure you are aware of live rock and its role in this hobby. Live rock is generally a piece of reef rock (ancient dead corals) that is pulled directly from wild reefs or culture facilities. It is then boxed and immediately shipped to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Planted Tanks

In recent years we have seen many advances in aquarium technology and many new approaches to aquariums in general. One of the most interesting and artistic advances has been the planted aquarium.

The Best Clean Up Crew Critters and Equipment For Your Reef Aquarium

Spring time has lots of difference faces depending on where you are located. For me living in the Northeast, it means I can finally get outside and tackle the chore of cleaning up my yard from winter (and sneaking out to the golf course as well). But no matter where you live, all of us […]

How and Why to Test Your Aquarium Water by Keith MacNeil, Reef Squad

We all know we should test our aquarium water regularly. Yet many of us fall into the “well, the tank looks good… so there probably aren’t any problems” school of thought. Unfortunately this mentality often leads to major headaches down the road. Algae blooms seem to pop up out of nowhere. Corals once vibrant and […]

Comparing Reef Aquarium Test Kits by Keith MacNeil, a Marine Depot Staff Member

I am going to start this article with a confession: I do not like testing the water parameters in my reef aquarium. I tend to be one of those “lazy” reefers that doesn’t test his tank and just waits until he notices a problem. Then, when a problem does occur, all of a sudden I […]

Water Movement in Aquariums: An Overview of Powerheads by Keith MacNeil, MarineDepot Reef Squad

After lighting, the second most discussed topic in the reef aquarium hobby is how to provide adequate water movement in the tank environment. There is so much information available online and in books that figuring out which powerhead and controller to use may seem overwhelming. This article should be helpful for reef aquarium hobbyists of all […]

The Fundamentals of Live Rock in Aquascaping by Mike Paletta

Live rock is not only crucial for biological filtration, but when done properly, it provides a natural environment for aquarium inhabitants. It can provide natural hiding places to make the fish feel secure as well as providing a natural base upon which the corals and other invertebrates may be placed. Unfortunately during the planning of the […]