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Chasing Coral Color & Growth – The 4 Pillars of Reef Keeping

Chasing numbers often leads aquarists to the misconception that they need to achieve certain parameters to get growth and color in coral. However, what works for one person may not work for another. In this series we discuss the four pillars to support your coral goals.

Reefer Resolutions: Achieve Your Aquarium Goals

It’s almost 2021! and to celebrate, the Marine Depot team is revealing the tools you need to achieve your new year’s aquarium resolutions. Unfortunately, we are not in the fitness, nutrition, or organization industries but, what we can do is, make sure that your aquariums are happy, healthy, and low maintenance to ring in the […]

How to Downsize to a Smaller Tank: Tips and Pointers

Whatever the reason may be, a downsize to a smaller tank is sometimes needed. So Team MD has put together a few tips and guideline to help make the transition a little easier.

How to Maintain your RO and RO/DI System

Maintaining your RO or RO/DI system periodically will help you avoid short and long term water quality problems. Here are some tips and suggested filter swap schedule to keep your water pure and tank happy.

6 Steps to Improve Water Quality in Your Aquarium

The water you add to your tank can make keeping an aquarium easy or very difficult. It doesn’t stop there though. Once in the tank, we should keep the water quality as pristine as we can. So, here are some simple steps to help improve the water quality of your aquarium.

The Evolution of Aquarium Construct: Plastic, Acrylic and Glass Aquariums

Today, aquariums are constructed of injection-molded plastic, acrylic and glass, but what are the advantages of each type of aquarium?

How To Restore a Neglected Aquarium – Reviving a Reef

Life sometimes demands a lot of your attention, and your reef pays the price. With a little effort, restoring a neglected aquarium can be done in a few steps.

Proper Preparation for Your Vacation: Gear & Tips to Protect Your Tank

Making the proper preparation for your vacation lessens the probability of tank failure and greatly increases the likelihood of safely returning to an aquarium that looks like you never left. Here are some gear and tips to help prepare your tank while away.

Better Betta Care: Tips and Tank Set Up

People debate how to properly care for a Betta across the globe. Here are a few tips to get you set up, giving your Betta better care.

Plan Ahead for Aquarium Emergencies

Emergency planning for your tank makes good sense, kind of like having a spare tire in case of a flat. Here we discuss each component in your aquarium’s life support system and how to create a back-up plan for aquarium emergencies.