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Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 8: Wavemaker Installation + Which ATO Should We Use?

In our last episode we pitted four powerheads against each other to see which pump all of you think will be the best fit for our tank and the reliable Tunze 6055 pumps won the vote.

Aqua Medic Refill System Pro Auto Top Off (ATO) – What YOU Need to Know

The Aqua Medic Pro ATO is a complete plug and play top-off system with well thought-out design and features. It uses an infrared sensor mounted in the tank to detect changes in water level.

JBJ ATO Automatic Top-Off System: What YOU Need to Know

The JBJ ATO Water Level Controller is a reliable auto top-off system that automatically replenishes water lost due to evaporation in your reef aquarium which helps you maintain a stable salinity level.

The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti May Be the Coolest ATO Reservoir You’ve Ever Seen

The Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti Reservoir is a next generation auto-top off reservoir and unlike anything we have ever seen. We were lucky enough to see one in action while it was still in development so we could understand just how it functions and differs from other auto top-off containers you may have seen on […]

Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152: What YOU Need to Know

  The Tunze Osmolator Nano is a great choice for hobbyists with aquariums up to 55 gallons and looking for an Automatic top off system that is simple and reliable. It utilizes a float switch for water level detection and includes a convenient magnetic mount so you can easily mount the sensor in your sump […]

AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro: What YOU Need to Know

Smart ATO Micro The Smart ATO Micro is amazingly compact and incredibly easy to use.  Because of the tiny size and magnet mount, you can install this ATO onto just about any tank.  It utilizes and optical sensor to detect water level which means it has no moving parts that can fail or get jammed […]

The AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro with a DIY Twist!

Intro and BackgroundA hot topic that always seems to come up is: “What is the hands down best ATO?” In the past, I have always gravitated towards the pressure-based ATO sensors. But, while they can be very precise and reliable, they can be quite bulky. Some people swear by simple setups that only use a […]

Auto Top-Off Systems: Which ATO is right for you?

In a saltwater aquarium, maintaining a constant salinity level is extremely important to the health of your fish and corals. Water constantly evaporates from the aquarium, while the salt in the aquarium does not. A replenishment system is required to replace the water that evaporates or else the salinity may quickly rise to unsafe levels. […]

Hydor Smart Level Control ATO System: Simple, Inexpensive and Effective

As aquarium automation marches toward being the norm rather than a luxury enjoyed by few, more and more products have been made available to make maintaining your reef aquarium easier than ever before. Numerous new automatic top-off systems have been introduced recently to meet the demands of the modern aquarium hobbyist. Not only do ATOs save you […]

Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 Product Review

Germans have been inventing and developing high-end, high-quality aquarium equipment for decades. Tunze is one of Germany’s leading aquarium product manufacturers, with 54 years of experience creating and producing aquarium solutions that are now standard in many hobbyists’ tanks. The first-rate design, dependability and reputation of Tunze are why I decided to outfit my aquarium […]