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AutoAqua Smart ATO from CoralVue… it IS smart!

As more and more ATOs (Automatic Top-Offs) become available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide which is the best choice. The latest from CoralVue is the AutoAqua Smart ATO, an amazingly compact unit packed with great features that will put it at the top of many hobbyists’ holiday shopping lists. The first thing I […]

15% off Innovative Marine HydroFill ATO Controller and Pump

HOT SALE: 15% off both the Innovative Marine HydroFill ATO Controller and ATO Pump System. Buy both together and you’ll save $44.60 + get FREE shipping. Order by 2pm PST and we’ll ship your order today!

Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO System – Product Highlights

Automate freshwater replenishment, and say farewell to heavy lifting, unstable water parameters, and the need to frequently watch your water line. Topping off evaporated water for our aquariums is a tedious but essential task that every hobbyist encounters to maintain stable specific gravity & salinity levels. The HydroFill ATO Controller System takes advantage of your […]

Introducing the Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152

Introducing the little brother to Tunze’s acclaimed Osmolator, one of the hobby’s most trusted automatic water top-off devices. Designed specifically for smaller aquariums, roughly 50 gallons and under, the Osmolator Nano 3152 is a slimmed down version of the full sized 3155. It includes a processor-based anti-overfill system that turns the pump off after 5 […]