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Kamoer Slave Dosing Pump Product Review

Having used the Kamoer 4 Channel Dosing Pump unit for six months now, I’ve been eyeing the Slave module to go with it for quite some time. For the time being I had a Bubble Magus 3 Channel Dosing Pump used for dispensing amino acids to my tank. While Bubble Magus was doing its job, I […]

Aquarium Dosing Systems: What’s the Difference?

When keeping a reef aquarium the addition of liquid to our aquarium is required to perform a number of tasks. Keeping water chemistry in line using liquid supplements, feeding corals to sustain healthy growth with plankton-based food or amino acids as well as keeping salinity constant with the addition of fresh water. Often times, the […]

How to Set Up a Dosing Pump

In a reef aquarium, elements and nutrients corals and invertebrates use to survive must be replenished by the aquarium owner. The rate these elements and nutrients are depleted varies from tank to tank based on the organisms inside the aquarium. If a reef aquarium is fully stocked, they may need to be replenished daily. Setting […]