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Waterbox Marine tanks go X rated

The masters of marketing over at Waterbox aquariums launched their new Marine X range of aquariums last week. With all the hype of the covered-up aquariums and countdown we hoped for a reinvention of the wheel. What we got instead were a few subtle changes and new pricepoint to a now very familiar rimless, reef-ready tank-sump-cabinet design.

Waterbox launch new AIO 65.4 All-In-One aquarium

Aquarium brand Waterbox continue their roll-out of new models with the 65.4 All In One aquarium. So-called because the tank is four feet long and holds 65 gallons of water, the 65.4 becomes the largest Waterbox model to feature the filter chamber built into the back of the tank and will appeal to all those fishkeepers who crave a sleek looking four-foot tank, without any sump or filtration, or pipework, in the cabinet underneath.

Blog: Why are all new marine tanks the same?

Shop for a new off-the-shelf reef tank these days and I wager it will have the following features: Rimless open top, low iron glass, and minimalist cabinet. It may be long, shallow, cube, peninsula, or even a drop-off, but its fundamental design will be the same. Consumers and manufacturers have both come to this happy […]

Waterbox launch Peninsula Mini aquariums

Prolific aquarium company Waterbox has added another model to their extensive range. Named the Peninsula Mini, it comes in 15 and 25-gallon sizes, and with or without an AI Prime lighting package. If it’s a popular size or style of marine aquarium, you can bet Waterbox will either have it or will launch it in […]

Aquaforest launch new PVC sump range

Polish specialist marine company Aquaforest has released a new range of sumps for marine aquariums. Available in 5 sizes, the sumps range from 20 to 36” in length and are aimed at aquariums from 195-595 litres or 51 to 157 gallons in volume, with a 735, 194 gallon model to come. Every sump consists of […]

Aquarium Probiotics and their Benefits

Aquarium probiotics have many benefits when it comes to the health of your fish. Probiotics can be a great help at whatever level of the hobby you are at!

Why Testing Aquarium pH is Important

One of the most frequently tested and important parameters in aquariums is pH. Whether you are keeping Discus, African Cichlids, or reef aquariums testing and monitoring your aquarium pH is crucial for success.  This short overview will help anyone who is new to testing pH in aquariums – or anyone who is having trouble with their testing – to better understand […]

Freshwater Shrimp Keeping and Shrimp Safe Products from Brightwell Aquatics

At Marine Depot, we carry much more than saltwater products. We also carry a large range of freshwater products like live plants, CO2 supplies and glassware, fertilizers and shrimp safe products.

Does your TDS Meter Measure Up?

In this blog we will dive deeper into understanding Total Dissolved Solids and Electrical Conductivity Measurements and the impact that these measurements can have on your RODI filters in your aquarium.

Salinity Measurements in Aquariums

Alkalinity is one of the most widely tested parameters in saltwater aquariums. It is often the first water parameter many aquarists test for as it is crucial in making artificial saltwater. There are many ways to measure salinity, some more accurate than others. In this blog, we will discuss what salinity is, its importance in saltwater aquariums, and how to take salinity measurements.