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How to Raise pH in Your Marine Aquarium

Low pH is a common water quality issue with reef aquariums. Here’s what you need to know on how to raise pH in your marine tank.

CO2 for Planted Aquariums: Dosing Methods and Setups

Plants need proper nutrition to grow and CO2 is one of the elements needed. Let’s discuss the relation between the two and how to supply your plants with CO2.

IceCap CO2 Scrubber helps raise pH in a reef tank

As we look more and more to achieve perfection in our captive reef systems many of us are revisiting pH. The pH in a reef tank should be 8.3-8.4 for optimal coral growth. If you’re struggling to maintain pH there may be an excess of CO2 in the room, that your skimmer is sucking in […]

Thinking About Setting Up A Freshwater Planted Tank? Here’s What You’ll Need

Planted aquariums are not difficult but they do provide a challenge both in aquascaping along with plant care. Many tropical fish develop richer colors when kept with live plants. Follow along as we take a bottom to top approach to setting up a planted aquarium.

Do Algae Scrubbers Outperform Reactors and Refugiums? Yes Says Bryan of Santa Monica Filtration; See Positive Results In 1-3 Weeks

For the past decade, Bryan from Santa Monica Filtration has been perfecting his algae turf scrubbers so hobbyists can achieve natural macroalgal filtration like you’ll find in the world’s oceans, reefs, rivers, and lakes.

The Complete Guide to Hang-On Equipment for Your Reef Tank

Sumps can be bulky, expensive and require a bit of plumbing experience to set up correctly. That is precisely why hang-on style aquarium equipment can be a real lifesaver!

A Beginner’s Guide to Planted Tanks

In recent years we have seen many advances in aquarium technology and many new approaches to aquariums in general. One of the most interesting and artistic advances has been the planted aquarium.