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Measure Your Light and Protect Your Tank with Seneye Reef

The Seneye Reef is an aquarium monitoring system that uses patented technology to monitor your reef tank and can send you notifications in the event something goes wrong.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 5: Return Pump Installation + Which Skimmer Should We Use?

Welcome to Episode #5 of our drop-off tank build! Last time, we asked which return pump would work best for our tank and the Reef Octopus VarioS came in with a majority vote.

IceCap Gyre vs. Maxspect Gyre: What’s the Difference? We Got the Scoop from CoralVue!

Which Gyre should you buy: Maxspect or IceCap? We got the scoop from CoralVue’s VP of Sales & Marketing about the new more budget-conscious IceCap Gyre that was just released.

Neptune Systems WXM Module for Wireless VorTech/Radion Control: What YOU Need to Know

Wirelessly connect and control your EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps and Radion lights using your Neptune Systems Apex controller. Adjust light and flow settings from anywhere in the world.

Neptune Systems Headquarters: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

  Neptune Systems has been creating some of the most advanced and desirable aquarium products hobbyists like us love for years. Many of the world’s most beautiful aquariums rely greatly on the Apex and many of the useful gadgets and tools Neptune Systems offers. We recently had the pleasure of visiting Neptune Systems’ headquarters and […]

Eheim Auto Feeder with Feeding Station: What YOU Need to Know

Automatic fish feeders can be a real life saver for those busy hobbyists who are always on the go.  The Eheim Automatic “Feed-Air” Digital Auto Feeder lives up to the Eheim name and is our best selling automatic fish feeder. What makes this feeder unique is the integrated ventilator which prevents moisture from spoiling the […]

Kessil Spectral LED Light Controller: What YOU Need to Know

LED lighting has made a huge splash in the Reef Aquarium Hobby because of the reduced electrical consumption and amazing control capabilities.  Kessil is one of the industry’s leading LED manufactures that offer a bevy of high-end LED lights that are manufactured specifically to promote coral growth and coloration. The Kessil Spectral Controller is a […]

Kessil A160WE Controllable LED Lights: What YOU Need to Know

    Kessil has produced many of the most popular LED fixtures in the past several years. The A160, A360 and AP700 all offer unique features not found on other LED lights and have amassed quite a following. As with other Kessil LED’s, the A160WE features a Dense Matrix LED that includes a cluster of […]

Transform your reef aquarium into THE ULTIMATE TECH TANK

We started out with a fish only system, then converted the tank to a reef system.  In this video we are going to turn this tank into the Ultimate Tech Tank by installing a Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi controller along with a handful of Apex accessories. Adding a controller to your tank is hands down […]

Neptune Systems Launches new Apex Aquarium Monitoring and Control System

In its 20th year delivering industry-leading technology for aquariums around the world, Neptune Systems launches the 2nd edition of its flagship Apex monitoring and control system. This new Apex brings important advances in many areas, as well as the first Internet of Things (IoT) platform for Aquariums. “For over five years, the current Apex has […]