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Liquid Carbon Dosing Breakdown: Why and How to do It

At some point of keeping our aquariums we may have overheard someone from the reefing community talk about carbon dosing. They may say they’re adding vinegar to their tank or even vodka. Yes, vodka! You may have reacted to yourself “Um, what??” and under breath say “Like… one shot for me… and one shot for […]

Kalkwasser Explained and How to Mix Your Own Solution

Maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels is important because an imbalance in either one can limit the growth of your corals and make it harder to keep your water chemistry stable. Using kalkwasser solution is a safe way to maintain calcium, alkalinity, and also stabilize pH in reef aquariums. Here’s how to make your own solution.

Proper Preparation for Your Vacation: Gear & Tips to Protect Your Tank

Making the proper preparation for your vacation lessens the probability of tank failure and greatly increases the likelihood of safely returning to an aquarium that looks like you never left. Here are some gear and tips to help prepare your tank while away.

How to Set Up a Frag Tank

A frag tank is a working tank with characteristics of function over form, practical, and above all produces results. If you are planning on taking cuttings (frags) from colonies in your main display, you will want them to put a base down on a frag plug quickly (if not quicker) than it did in the […]

Components Pro from Aquaforest is twice the strength of Component 1+2+3+

Component 1+ 2+ 3+ is fast becoming a dosing staple with reefers around the world because of its ease of use and reliability. A ready-mixed Balling Light solution, you simply set up auto dosing based on your KH consumption and then dose equal amounts from all three 5 litre/1.32 gallon drums. The only criticism from […]

Kamoer X1 PRO is their smallest WiFi dosing pump to date

As the name suggests the Kamoer X1 PRO WiFi dosing pump is an app-controlled single doser capable of administering your choice of liquid to your reef tank on demand. Its small size and small price point mean that you can now buy into auto dosing at an entry-level price but then daisy chain up to […]

Automatically Test Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium with Neptune Systems Trident Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer

The Trident from Neptune Systems is an automated testing system that regularly tests alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium in your saltwater aquarium — and then communicates this information to your Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing.

How to Use Hanna Checker Colorimeters to Dial In a 2-Part Calcium & Alkalinity Dosing Regimen

Maintaining proper water chemistry is arguably one of the more difficult aspects of keeping a healthy captive reef tank. Thankfully we have amazing tools to help us out! In this video, we show YOU how to dial in your ESV Two Part dosing using the Hanna Instrument’s Checkers.

Triton Method EXPLAINED: How It Works and Interpreting Lab Test Results

They have their signature TRITON Labs ICP water testing. They have Core7 Elements used for daily dosing. They offer TRITON Reagents to fill in the gaps when testing reveals parameters that need fine tuning and they also have filter media to remove toxins. Finally, there is The TRITON Method that ties all of it together.

Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build #4: GHL ProfiLux 4 Setup and Mounting

The Red Sea tank in our office here has been cruising for some time now and I know it has been a while since we shared our work on the tank. As of today, the corals and fish are all looking wonderful and really maturing.