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Best Filter Media: Our Top Picks

Selecting the proper filter media for a saltwater aquarium will be one of the most important decisions to make when keeping up with your tank maintenance. Filter media has a crucial role within our aquariums to keep our water clear and free of excess nutrients such as nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate. With the increased focus […]

6 Steps to Improve Water Quality in Your Aquarium

The water you add to your tank can make keeping an aquarium easy or very difficult. It doesn’t stop there though. Once in the tank, we should keep the water quality as pristine as we can. So, here are some simple steps to help improve the water quality of your aquarium.

How to Raise pH in Your Marine Aquarium

Low pH is a common water quality issue with reef aquariums. Here’s what you need to know on how to raise pH in your marine tank.

How to Set Up a Frag Tank

A frag tank is a working tank with characteristics of function over form, practical, and above all produces results. If you are planning on taking cuttings (frags) from colonies in your main display, you will want them to put a base down on a frag plug quickly (if not quicker) than it did in the […]

Blue Life Clear FX REEF clears water in marine tanks

Clear FX is an all-in-one chemical filter media by Blue Life USA that’s available in both freshwater and reef formulas. A combination of carbon and organic scavenger resins, Clear FX Reef claims to target organics that feed nuisance algae including ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate without removing phosphate or trace elements.

K+ bio-media matures faster due to the unique manufacturing process

Fans of moving bed aquarium filters will be pleased to hear that their favourite K1 bioreactor media is now available with a larger surface area and matures more quickly too. Named K+, the new biological media is superficially similar to K1, being designed to self-clean when tumbled as well as harbouring those all-important quiet zones […]

Nano-Tech Bio Plug is filter and frag plug in one

The award-winning manufacturer Maxspect continues on its path of uniqueness with the launch of the Nano-Tech Bio Plug. Made from the same porous material as Maxspect’s popular Bio-Blocks and Bio-Spheres, the new Nano-Tech frag plugs are quite different to standard ceramic plugs both in material and what they claim to do.  The porosity of the […]

How to Lower Nitrates in a Saltwater Aquarium: Proven Techniques For Success

Keeping nitrate under control has always been a concern because nitrate is the end-product of nitrification via your biological filtration so it’s continually added to your aquarium water. It may seem like a constant battle to keep nitrate under control. The good news is there are many proven ways to minimize nitrate build-up.

How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank: Mastering Nutrient Control

Phosphate has always been a hot topic with reef keepers. It’s in our tap water. It’s in fish and invert food. Phosphate gets the blame for algae problems. Some say it even hurts corals. We’ll break it down and tell you everything you need to know about phosphate and how to control it in your aquarium.

Red Slime!!! – Reef Tank Pest Control #3: How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria, or Cyano for short, is not an algae like what many of you might think but is in fact a photosynthetic bacteria that can quickly coat the surfaces inside your tank. Its ugly, prolific and can even out-compete your coral. Here is your guide to preventing this plague and some helpful tips for cleaning it up.