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Wet vs. Dry Skimming; a Foam Preference – Which is Better?

Reef aquarists may debate the topic but there is no disputing the science. Here is what the experts say is the most efficient way of removing organics with a protein skimmer.

4th Pillar of Reef Keeping – Chasing Coral Color & Growth

Welcome to Part 4 of this four-part series, Chasing Colors, Not Numbers, where we learn about the importance of proper filtration and its affect on your corals.

Protein Skimmer Types, Installation, and How to Maintain Them

As a beginner, it can be confusing with the different types of protein skimmers available. In this article we discuss each type of skimmer, installation basics, and troubleshooting.

Best Filter Media: Our Top Picks

Selecting the proper filter media for a saltwater aquarium will be one of the most important decisions to make when keeping up with your tank maintenance. Filter media has a crucial role within our aquariums to keep our water clear and free of excess nutrients such as nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate. With the increased focus […]

The Best Hang-On-Back Aquarium Accessories

Oftentimes, drilling an aquarium can cause more stress than it’s even worth. Without a sump, hobbyists must be creative in finding accessories that can operate properly on their aquariums. Luckily, as time has gone by, more and more manufacturers are bringing hang-on-back accessories to the market. While our most popular accessories tend to be ones […]

6 Steps to Improve Water Quality in Your Aquarium

The water you add to your tank can make keeping an aquarium easy or very difficult. It doesn’t stop there though. Once in the tank, we should keep the water quality as pristine as we can. So, here are some simple steps to help improve the water quality of your aquarium.

The Best Aquarium Canister Filters: Our Top Picks

Aquarium filtration has come a long way in the past few years. Canister filters still remain one of the top options to keep your tanks clean and clear. While they have been around a while, innovation and creativity has allowed canisters to continue to be a proven option in a hobbyist’s toolkit. All canister filters […]

How to Set Up a Frag Tank

A frag tank is a working tank with characteristics of function over form, practical, and above all produces results. If you are planning on taking cuttings (frags) from colonies in your main display, you will want them to put a base down on a frag plug quickly (if not quicker) than it did in the […]

Best Aquarium Filters: Our Top Picks

When it comes to creating a beautiful aquarium, filtration is one of the most important factors in establishing long term success.

AquaMaxx roller filter is made to measure for Red Sea Reefer 170

The roller filter revolution continues as the first rollers produced to fit straight into popular aquarium lines start to appear. The AquaMaxx AF-RS170 roller is designed to fit and replace the filter sock on the Red Sea Reefer 170 aquarium, allowing owners to permanently remove the stock filter sock and obligatory hand-cleaning with it, in […]