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March’s New Aquarium Products: Our Top Picks.

With more and more innovation making its way into the aquarium hobby, manufacturers are constantly creating new products to offer our customers. We are hoping to continue highlighting some of our new favorite products coming to the open market. While we will not be able to show every new product, our main goal is to […]

Plan Ahead for Aquarium Emergencies

Emergency planning for your tank makes good sense, kind of like having a spare tire in case of a flat. Here we discuss each component in your aquarium’s life support system and how to create a back-up plan for aquarium emergencies.

Ready to Move Into a Bigger Tank? Tips to Prep for the New Tank

Bigger tanks offer more swimming and growing space for your resident fish collection, room to add more, and they make for a more impactful viewing spectacle. Here are some things you need to know when you’re ready for a bigger tank.

How to Cure Rock for Your Reef

In the early days of reef keeping live rock was harvested from unprotected reefs, shipped by air and then trucked to your home. However, you couldn’t just drop the rock into your tank and expect it to be reef-ready

How to Set Up a Frag Tank

A frag tank is a working tank with characteristics of function over form, practical, and above all produces results. If you are planning on taking cuttings (frags) from colonies in your main display, you will want them to put a base down on a frag plug quickly (if not quicker) than it did in the […]

Best Aquarium Heaters: Our Picks for Your Aquarium

While the summer heat continues to wreak its havoc, before you know it, hobbyists across the world will be swapping out their aquarium chillers for a compact, effective, and reliable heater.

Tank Hacks: Easy Upgrades for Your Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula 20

In this video we’re going to take the IM 20 gallon Peninsula Tank and deck it out with some of our favorite gear in order to show you guys how these tanks can provide the perfect platform to build the nano tank of your dreams.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 4: Heater Installation + Which Pump Should We Use?

In Episode 3, we aquascaped with the rock you voted for and began cycling the tank. Today we install and calibrate the heater you voted for and give an update on how the cycle is going.

Drop-Off Tank Build – Episode 3: Aquascape + Which Heater Should We Use?

We are setting up a 75 gallon drop-off aquarium and want YOU to help us build it! Today we aquascape the tank with the rock YOU voted for. Pick the heater we’ll install in our next episode!

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heaters: A uniquely different and better heater!

With the huge number of heaters available for aquariums, it is often difficult to distinguish the better heaters from the herd. Fancy packaging or a gimmicky design does not always translate to a better product. Fortunately for the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, the departure from standard heater design is not gimmicky at all—and its great […]